From: Jerry Simmons
Subject: Protect my Liberty to heat my home with wood.
Date: Thu Jan 30 05:35:35 MST 2014

I am writing as a very concerned citizen regarding the reports I am hearing in the news about a complete ban on wood burning.  I heat my home as often as I am allowed with my EPA approved stove which happens to even exceeds the requirements for Washington state of no more than 4.5 grams per hour.

My choice to burn is not solely based on money, nor romance or ambiance as the news reports would like to infer.  The goal is to heat my home and to heat my home with the wood stove is a choice I enjoy and it is part of a way of life I have worked to develop and cherish.  I have invested a lot personally and financially to be able to live as I do and it should be my right to continue to be free to choose how I live.

I am considerate of my neighbors around me, that is why I purchased a good EPA approved stove and I think that if there must be more regulations regarding wood burning than we already endure, that is where logically the focus should be placed.  I know what my stove burns much cleaner than a conventional wood stove but yet all I hear touted in the news is that one stove is as bad as 3000 gas furnaces.  I know what not all wood burning stoves are anywhere near the same so I can say with confidence that this does not apply across the board as they would imply.  If you look at the EPA website of what has been done in other areas it has primarily been restrictions that incentivize converting to and high efficiency EPA model.  To make this work there is usually preferential treatment given the EPA models that allow you to us them at times while the conventional stoves are restricted.  If needed make this more administrable owners may need to register the stove with the health dept, etc to be eligible for the preferential treatment.  Also what I see in this model is a carrot rather than a beating with a stick and that is always much better received.  Personally I would much rather not see any new infringements on my liberties but if my rights are to be trodden down this is at least what I see as reasonable and possibly acceptable with potential benefit to most all.


Ultimately I plead with you to defend my right, ability and option to heat my home as I choose which is with my wood stove.

Thanks you for your time.

Jerry Simmons