From: Lola Britton
To: Lola Britton,
Subject: Utah League of Women Voters study, Relocation of the State Prison at Draper
Date: Thu Jan 30 04:49:06 MST 2014

You will find attached the Utah League of Women Voters study, Relocation of the State Prison at Draper.  I hope you will take time to read this informative study.

            The League of Women Voters of Utah (LWVUT), with a longstanding record of attention to corrections in Utah, is concerned about the relocation of the Draper prison. At its Annual Convention in May, 2013, the LWVUT adopted a study of the prison relocation issue as part of its 2013-2014 Program. Though this study’s scope is apparently much more limited than those of League’s previous studies, since it is focused on the single topic of relocation, the decisions to be made go to the heart of the philosophy and practice of corrections.

You will find, as did both PRADA and the League’s Prison Relocation Study Committee, that the issues are complex and inseparably intertwined.

Contacts: If you have questions or would like clarifications, please call or email

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Kathryn Fitzgerald       801-521-5790

Kris Mateus                    801- 201-4194      

The study is also located on the League's website


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Co-President, League of Women Voters Salt Lake

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LWVUT Prison Relocation and Development Study.pdf