From: Stephen Hershey Kroes
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: The air we breathe: Utah's air quality problems, solutions
Date: Thu Jan 23 21:21:15 MST 2014
Utah Foundation Research Update
The Air We Breathe: A Broad Analysis of Utah's Air Quality and Policy Solutions
Utahns care about air quality. In the 2013 Utah Foundation Quality of Life Index, survey respondents indicated that air quality was the most important thing that could be improved to increase the quality of life in the state. Further, in a 2013 survey produced by Envision Utah, almost all Utahns are willing to act to clean the air.

Utah Foundation's newest research report analyzes the trends, science, health concerns, and policy solutions related to the two primary pollutants contributing to Utah's air-pollution issues - ozone and fine particulate matter.  


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As you might expect with the bad air quality we've had this month, this report is generating some strong media attention. We hope you find it informative and useful -- as always, feel free to contact me or our Principal Research Analyst, Shawn Teigen, with follow-up questions about this work.

Best regards,


Stephen Hershey Kroes, President
Utah Foundation 
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