From: Dave Thornblad
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Water Savers White Paper from the International Car Wash Association
Date: Tue Jan 21 17:57:57 MST 2014

Good Morning:

My name is Mark Goddard and I am the President of Supersonic Car Wash Inc. In view of the drought in California and the potential to have a similar situation in Utah this year,  I wanted to take a minute to send you a pdf from the International Car Wash Association (ICA). This is the ICA's recommendation for creating a drought response plan.  Supersonic Car Wash supports the wise use of water and measures to conserve this most valuable natural resource.  If you have any questions  or would like to meet with me, I would be happy to take the time to sit down and discuss any issues or concerns you might have. I am sending this message to many different individuals, including the Governor of the State of Utah, several state legislators, and many water officials. Thank you for taking a moment from your busy schedule to look this information over.



Mark E. Goddard,


Supersonic Car Wash Inc.