From: Stanford Lockhart (selockhart)
To: Stan Lockhart,
Subject: STEM Talk with Stan Lockhart
Date: Tue Jan 21 01:05:06 MST 2014

Dear STEM Colleagues:


I keep hearing of good work in STEM education taking place throughout Utah. Thank you for your involvement in elevating student achievement.


Today Adobe hosted a lunch for educators who participated in the Digital Learning pilot. Senator Howard Stephenson, Senator Steve Urquhart, Representative Brad Last and Representative Francis Gibson were able to briefly attend to simply say thank you. The work these teachers did over the last few months in the selection of these products will now be a resource for thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students in Utah.


STEM Media Campaign


President Obama recently decided to hold his State of the Union on Tuesday January 28th, so Governor Herbert scheduled his State of the State on Wednesday January 29th making it difficult to attend our STEM Media Campaign kickoff also on January 29th. His people asked us if we would move our event to Thursday January 30th at noon so the Governor can attend and participate. The details are as follows:


Date: Thursday January 30th

Time: Noon – 1:00 pm

Location: Neil Armstrong Academy, 5194 Highbury Parkway, West Valley City, UT


You are welcome to attend and I’d encourage you to invite others to attend. It is looking like we will be very close to our original goal of $2.5 million in pledges by kickoff time on January 30th.


Highlighting Students


We had overwhelming response from you on students who are excelling in some way in STEM. Only one or two will be showcased at the January 30th kickoff, but we now have many leads for future stories. It was incredibly heartwarming to hear of many innovative, creative young people in Utah. Thank you for your input.


Increasing Student Achievement in STEM


Last email, I told you of the imminent Legislative Session and asked you “what do you think can move the dial the fastest on increased student achievement in science, technology, engineering and math?” Thank you to those who responded to my request. Here are some of the ideas that emerged from that exercise:


1.    Professional Development – Offer some form of STEM certification for Elementary and Secondary teachers. Content should include: subject content knowledge, pedagogy and how to use technology in the classroom at the lesson plan level.

2.    STEM Schools – Provide school districts with resources to establish STEM Schools. Resources should include project based curriculum, other applied learning opportunities and guiding students to career pathways.

3.    Digital Learning – Keep funding what works. Expand to K-6 Math or Jr. High School Science.

4.    More Hardware Technology in Schools – One comment, “What is the point of having Digital Learning, when students have difficulty getting time in the computer lab?”

5.    Tax Credits – An incentive for organizations to hire educators to work part time for the organization and part time in the classroom and an individual incentive for those willing to become certified.

6.    Tax Credits – For companies that allow high school students to intern for them in significant ways.

7.    Tax Credits – For companies that allow after school STEM providers and students to use their facilities; maker spaces.

8.    Smaller Class Sizes – It is very difficult to impossible for a teacher to interact meaningfully with each student every day in a classroom.


Digital Learning Products


From the STEM Action Center, here is a list of products available for use. Teachers, Schools and Districts may contact the STEM Action Center for further details


6th-8th Grade Technologies

Curriculum Associates



Explore Learning

Compass Learning


Hot Math

9th-12th Grade Technologies




Monterey Institute (NROC)

Hot Math

FIRST Robotics Fundraising


FIRST Robotics is involved in a fundraising effort to put on their regional competition March 14-15 at the Maverik Center in West Valley City. For those who have never attended, it is a unique experience; part music and dancing, part competition and part social interaction. You can engage at the following link:




Last email, I gave you the wrong email for Angie and her Techmaker event for girls. You can reach Angie at




I’ve been told that the biggest conclusion from my emails is they are too long. I’ll let you be the judge.


All the best,


Stan Lockhart