To: Honorable State Legislator,
Subject: STATE LEGISLATORS’ HISTORIC “ROUND TABLE ” Article V “Sovereignty and State s Rights Amendment Convention”
Date: Mon Jan 20 02:00:24 MST 2014
PNN TALK RADIO (National Radio Broadcast)
Topic:  Article V “Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment Convention”
Special Guest:  Rep. A.G. Crow, Louisiana State Representative
Host:  Charles Kacprowicz, National Director Citizen Initiatives
Round Table Contributors:  Sandy Toth, National Executive Coordinator; Michael L. Toups, National Petition Director
Day:  Tuesday Evening
Date:  January 21, 2014
Time:  8:00 PM to 10:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time        
Dial in Number (567) 314-8152  
(for State Legislators wanting to participate in the Round Table discussion)
Access Code: 1111#
Dial in Number (832) 999-1768 
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Access Code: 1111#
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Invite other State Legislators and concerned citizens to join this historic radio broadcast.
We will focus on the importance of State Legislatures pre-approving the text of the “Sovereignty and States Rights Amendment” before sending Delegates to the Article V Convention.  Topics will include:
1.       The similarities and differences between
a.       Citizen Initiatives 
b.      Convention of States
2.       Defining the deliberations at the Convention
a.       By “Subjects”
b.      By Pre-Approved “Single Amendments”
3.       What is a deliberative body under Article V
a.       State Legislatures
b.      Delegates
4.       Serious risks at the Article V Convention
a.       Up to 530 delegates selecting a Subject
b.      Conflicts between different groups in the Article V community
c.       Conflicts between delegates representing
i.                     Anonymous, George Soros and left leaning groups
ii.                   States desiring to establish States Sovereignty and States Rights
iii.                  Conservative and Progressive groups with competing issues
d.      Is there a solution?
i.                     Delegate Resolutions
Join us in this historic radio broadcast.
Charles Kacprowicz
National Director
Citizen Initiatives
Single Amendment Conventions
P.O. Box 523
Spruce Pine, NC 28777-0523
(828) 783 0599