From: Barbara Taylor
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Something CAN be done about it,
Date: Sat Jan 18 23:52:48 MST 2014

Dear Representative Lifferth,

I am an affiliate for The Way To Happiness (TWTH) Foundation (

I am writing to you because TWTH sponsors a little common sense guide / non-religious booklet that contains 21 precepts for better living and happier lives.

This little booklet has made a difference when distributed in areas of school, family, cities, community groups, etc.  There is no limit to its use and the results that you want to have happen, happen.

Here are a  few examples:

o          “We have decreased violence in the school by 80 percent over the school year. We have decreased disrespectful attitudes toward teachers, decreased vulgar language....Kids are now more apt to sit down, calm down, think about what they do and set a good example. It’s a 100 percent improvement!” —High-School Principal, Michigan

o          “The students are more accepting of others. They discuss other values and opinions and then respectfully agree or disagree without conflict or confrontation.” —Middle School Teacher, Pennsylvania

o          San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA 2007: 1 million TWTH books distributed and violent crime drops in one month 40%. 8 months later the crime rate is reported as the lowest in 22 years.

o          Cincinnati, OH 2001: 10,000 books distributed in a 10 block area and the murder rate drops from multiple shootings, up to 9-10 per day to 0.

There are countless more.

Here is a video of how one city reduced their violence by distributing the booklet:

End of Violence

The Story of The Way to Happiness® in Compton, California

Click here to view this outstanding video

(if you cannot open, just click the YouTube link on that page and you can watch)

And this link shows how one can make the booklets customized for a person, a company, a youth group, a club, a town, a school, a city, etc.

I’m writing because I would like you, after reviewing everything and asking me any questions that might come up, to consider purchasing these inexpensive booklets to distribute to your own areas that are under your sphere of influence where you feel they would be best suited.

I do this as a volunteer action and have a direct contact at The Way to Happiness Foundation that I am working with that will also service you and all your needs.

Her name is Naseema Qureshi.

Her direct telephone line is 818 254-0571.  Her cell # is 818 720-1547.

Her email address is  

Thank you for reading this and thank you for considering the possibility of purchasing to donate to a worthy group to help them.


Affiliate for The Way to Happiness

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