From: Stan Lockhart
To: David Lifferth, Jacob Anderegg, Kay Christofferson, mkennedy, Brian Greene, Keven John Stratton, Val Peterson, Keith Grover, Dean Sanpei, Rebecca Lockhart, Francis Gibson, Michael Mckell, Marc Roberts, Howard Stephenson, Mark Madsen, John Valentine, Curt Bramble, Deidre Henderson, David Hinkins, Ralph Okerlund,
Subject: Re: Town Hall - 1.14.14 - questions from the floor
Date: Fri Jan 17 06:18:57 MST 2014
Thank you to all of you who attended the Town Hall meeting with legislators Tuesday evening. The hardest part was getting everyone out of the building by 9:30 pm. We had many people tell us how much they enjoyed the dialogue. Here are the questions that were turned into us on 3X5 cards. I thought they might be interesting to you.

God bless you and your families while you are in session this year.


On Thu, Jan 16, 2014 at 8:36 PM, AnnMarie Howard <> wrote:
Town Hall - Jan 14, 2014
Utah County
Questions from the floor arranged topically and alphabetically

Amendment 3
1.  Where's the money going to come from to defend Amendment 3?
2.  Is there anything the Utah legislature can do to defend the rights of the people of Utah regarding traditional marriage?
3.  What is being done and what is the anticipated success of overturning the decision against Amendment 3 concerning gay marriage?
4.  How can Utah protect its right to define marriage?

Anti-discrimination Act
1.  Sounds good on the face of it, however it is very misleading.  Our rights are not secure, and they MUST be! I believe that all people have the right to choose how they want to live their lives, as long as it DOES NOT encroach upon my rights & choices.
2.  What are the legislators thinking about the Anti-discrimination Act?  From what I understand, while I agree with individual rights, the fact that one's gender identity would (1) allow members of the opposite sex to go into the bathrooms of the other sex and also (2) able to shower with the members of the opposite sex.  What about my rights when I think this is atrocious?
3.  Can we keep from discriminating against gays and lesbians in the workplace without the unintended consequences that will occur in schools and workplace restrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc.  (Senate Bill 100).
4.  In the pending non-discrimination bill, is there some reason we could not include rights for religious expression?
5.  What is the gist of the anti-discrimination bill being submitted by the Senate?
6.  SB 100 - Can we put in exemptions for religious believers, not just religions?

1.  Please ask Senator Bramble to discuss his bill concerning city caucuses.
2.  To all or any -- Why  is our caucus system important?  What will you do to try and save it?

Controlled Substances
1.  Please explain what our legislators are working on with regard to marijuana?

Cyber Security
1.  Are you as a state legislature considering any bills with measure to increase cyber security?  Do you believe that government should be involved in creating data security standards?

1.  What will you do to bring classroom size down for the benefit of our K-12 students? 
2.  What are your thoughts on charter school funding?
3.  What can we do to make the State School Board and USOE accountable to the public?  Supt Menlove won't answer questions about the integrity of his staff.  The School Board doesn't seem to care.
4.  How can we get more knowledge and transparency on elected school board candidates, including their past votes and philosophies -- long before election time?
5.  How are we going to get education back to local control and get Common Core out?
6.  How much money comes from the federal government for Common Core?
7.  Why are we funding education the way we are?

1.  Could we reduce car emissions by going to natural gas as the main fuel for all cars in Utah?
2.  Will all the reps and senators pledge to look at the least expensive and most effective solutions to clean our air first?
3.  Clean air legislation - Who leads proposals and what is being proposed?
4.  Since Utah's air quality is 6th worst in U.S. Utah should be at least 6th most aggressive in searching for and funding Utah technology that will significantly reduce 1 c [?] engine emissions.
5.  I am concerned about HB77 - Wildfire Suppression Amendments.  Are we ready to adopt the term "climate change" into our Utah Code when there is such controversy about its scientific verity that projects far into the future?

Federal Government/State Rights
1.  Will you sponsor nullification resolutions or vote for nullification resolutions?  Yes or No.  Obamacare/ same sex marriage ruling/ etc.
2.  How soon will the legislature approve Utah in seeking an Article 5 (USC) convention?

Federal Lands
1.  How can we get more control of federal lands in the state?
2.  What progress has happened to get our state lands back from the feds?

Federal Money
1.  What do we do about our unsound federal money and the attendant inflation?
2.  What progress is being made in being able to access oil on federal lands in Utah?
3.  We need to get off the federal teat and get back to our individual state sovereignty.  How do you propose we do this?  42% of budget is federally dependent.
4.  In an email I got today, it states that in the FY14 omni-bus bill there is no PILT money funding included.  This non funding would result in a $1,589,730 cut to Utah County and a $35,391,052 cut to the State of Utah.  What will Utah County state legislators do to make sure it gets paid? 

Government accountability/operation
1.  The lack of broadly exposed reports on elected judges and school board members leaves the platform to the comments and laurels of "good ole boy" peer review.
2.  Please stand and state your oath of office and tell us if we are more compliant with the Bill of Rights or with the Communist Manifesto as a legislature?  
3.  Why not have one legislative session with NO new laws and review the laws on the books?
4.  Why do we think it is government's place to create jobs?
5.  What is happening regarding illegal use of campaign funds to support Dana Layton's campaign against Brad Daw?
6.  What can the legislature do if a state department, i.e. DOPL, is creating their own laws which appears to be biased and in violation of court decisions?

Gun Rights
1.  What is going to be done this year to protect our gun rights?

Health Care
1.  Health care is not a right.  How can the courts support forcing states and private hospitals to provide free care?
2.  Is any state pushback forthcoming for the Medicaid expansion that will be imposed on Utah by Obamacare?

John Swallow
1.  What can individual legislators learn from the John Swallow investigation?
2.  Should Mr. Swallow be allowed to get a pension for his time as AG?

1.  What are the state legislators doing to prevent the deactivation or relocation of 1st Battalion 211th Aviation (our Apache helicopter unit in the Utah National Guard)?

Multiplicity of issues
1.  Becky, Dean, Keven, and Curt.  I have been communicating with you for past many months about legislation to protect our citizens - like towing, telemarketing, donut hole in Medicaid, auto insurance.  What action do you plan to take on these items?

Payday lending
1.  What is your position on payday lending regulation?  (I support more regulation in order to place restrictions on multiple loans and reduce/cap the APR.) 
2.  Will you introduce legislation on payday loans?
3.  What are we doing about usury lending (Check City)?

Traffic Rules
1.  What happens when you slow cars down to 40 mph from 65 or 70 mph in terms of pollution? Fuel economy?
2.  Your opinion of the proposed speed limit increase to 80 mph in some areas?
3.  Will you support legislation that would create a primary enforcement seat belt law?  And join with the majority of states with primary enforcement laws?

1.  How many state dollars per rider does it take to run UTA?

Vehicle Towing
1. What can the STATE do to control car towing on both local and state level?

Water Rights
1.  What do you think about the importance of dismissing the current law suits that can cause property owners along various water ways to lose title to those stream beds? (Directed at Senator Diedre Henderson)
2. Where do you stand on the public's right to stream access? (Directed at S. Kennedy)
3.  Is it important for you to find a compromise for public water use that balances competing rights of land owners and the public for this public resource? (Directed at Representative Dean Sanpei)
4.  Will you support a compromise on stream access that will result in protecting private property rights and preserves the constitutional protection of the public? (Directed at Representative Dana Layton)
5.  Where do you stand on stream access? (Directed at R. Lockhart)
6.  What is your stance on public river access? (Directed at Rep. Margaret Dayton)
7.  What is your stance on HB37 (Utah Stream Access) what, if any, concerns do you have?  (Directed at Rep. Brian Greene)
8.  Where do you stand on stream access?  (Directed at Rep. Val Peterson)
9.  Where do you stand on stream access? (Directed at Rep. Margaret Dayton)
10.  What is your stance on stream access? (All senators and reps)
11.  Do you agree or disagree about changing the laws for sale of water rights.  I don't agree - tell me why I should.
12.  What about funding for water projects - is there a plan?

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