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Subject: FW: NRHC Action Alert - Rural Definition Update
Date: Wed Jan 15 20:11:05 MST 2014

We need to show that Cedar City is still “rural”, (largely agricultural, low wages, etc.). and get it removed from any eligibility changes even later in the year.  Unlike areas up north that are near/in an MSA range, we are largely isolated away from MSA’s, (metropolitan statistic area).


Who’s with me?


Action Alert

January 15, 2013

Rural Definition Update!

Dear Rural Advocates,

We have some great news about the Rural Definition!

This week, Congress is scheduled to vote on an FY14 Consolidated Appropriations Act, and it seems very likely that it will pass. Section 737 of this bill essentially extends the rural definition through the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2014). As a result, all communities that are currently eligible for Rural Housing programs will remain eligible through the end of the fiscal year.

Yet, our work is not done! While this bill pushes the deadline for Congress to act to October 1, 2014, we must continue to work to ensure that more than 900 rural and small town communities will not lose their access to USDA Rural Housing programs at that time. 

Thank you for your advocacy,

Sarah Mickelson

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