To: stanford-reconsidered,
Subject: Stanford Editorial: Mafia in the FBI?
Date: Wed Jan 15 17:21:43 MST 2014

Stanford Reconsidered Editorial:

Editorial as attached: "Mafia in the FBI?"

Re: The 1999 Memphis Trial by Dr. William F. Pepper against first alleged and then Court-ruled MLK assassins -- and presently the surfacing of the Burglars of 1971 who stole FBI files yielding Church Committee Hearings of 1976.

Most importantly, the Memphis Trial of 1999 (with its comprehensive court-tested evidence) has validated the jury-ruled MLK assassins as the same persons, as most claimed by JFK scholars, to have been the JFK assassins. In this light, the MLK assassination may be seen as the first major murderous COINTELPRO operation organized by J. Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, and Mafia boss Carlos Marcello five years after they had done the same with JFK.

The question to be asked after the Committee hearings is whether the Texas oil oligarchs of H.L. Hunt, with their Mafia colleagues, had through J. Edgar Hoover established a network of Mafia-complicit FBI agents into key FBI slots to the extent that the FBI was effectively being run for the interests of Texas oil and their high level Mafia cohorts? In other words, was COINTELPRO what might be called “the Mafia in the FBI” on behalf of the oil magnates? The answer appears to be “yes”...

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