From: Cherilyn Eagar
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: LIVE-streaming link for Utah's Sovereignty-Marriage Grassroots Rally
Date: Wed Jan 08 09:58:40 MST 2014
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Event Update! Today's event will be LIVE streamed if you are not close enough to attend...

Obama's War Against Utah's State Sovereignty, Marriage, Family and Religious Liberty
Rally for Utah State Sovereignty and Marriage!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014, Noon
Golden Corral Restaurant
225 W University Parkway, Orem, UT


Open to the Public (buy your own lunch) - Come early - limited seating available!
National and local media will be there for photo ops and interviews
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Click for LIVE streaming of this event:

After the "stay" - What's next?  Our house is still on fire, and we need to get those fire hoses out NOW - together.  Make some noise and rally with us!


State Rep. LaVar Christensen
The Amendment 3 Court Challenge - How Did This Happen in Utah?

Talk Show Host Sam Bushman
State Sovereignty, the Constitutional Sheriff and the Balance of Power

Blogger/activist/former US Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar
What a Decade of Legalized Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts Has Done to Marriage, Family, Schools, Business and Religious Liberty

Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka

Non-discrimination bill, upcoming convention, Thursday evening event, and volunteers for Legislative Session

Kris Kimball - United Womens Forum
Mary Fielding Summerhays - Celebration of Marriage Rally   
Stephen and Jan Graham -
Senator Margaret Dayton
Bill Duncan, atty - Marriage Law Foundation
Renee Green - Leadership Foundation

If you care about your children and their future, be there!

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