From: Men of Justice and Compassion Association
To: David Lifferth,
Subject: Pro Football Western Teams Tours
Date: Mon Dec 30 10:07:51 MST 2013
Newsletter / January 2014
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Dear Social Advocate/NFL Fan,
What an absoultely amazing experience our group had at the Cardinals/49ers game in Glendale on Sunday!  We witnessed an amazing game between the Cardinals and 49ers.  Our special guests, (members of Utah's homeless community), enjoyed an experience beyond their wildest imaginations.  Look for more pictures of the game in the slide show presentation on the home page of
Remember that old addage, "people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." MOJAC certainly cares about the hungry and the homeless.  Many of them will participate in our 2nd Annual STALK WALK (January is National Stalking Awareness Month) at the Utah State Capitol on Saturday, January 25.   We will be celebrating MOJAC's 
(Bullying & Stalking) events. 

Suddenly, in November 2013, I had an epiphany of sorts. While sewing up the loose ends for the Cardinals/49ers excursion, I thought about a for-profit spinoff or entity of MOJAC called Pro Football Western Teams Tours or PFWTT. The new slogan for this entity will be: "We go outside the 32 to get you inside the 32."   

Then I emailed all 6 western teams (Broncos, Cardinals, Chargers, 49ers, Raiders, and Seahawks) asking their opinions about coming to Salt Palace in Salt Lake City for a 2014 NFL Western Teams Expo.  We only need each team's Marketing and Group Ticket Sales departments to attend the exhibit.  

To help MOJAC bring awareness to obesity, we would request the NFL Play 60 entourage to also attend.  To make this proposed Expo fun for kids, perhaps the NFL could bring the Punt, Pass, & Kick program to Salt Palace. 

People could sign up, johnny-on-the-spot, with PFWTT on tours availability. With the exceptions of the Broncos and 49ers, getting into the other 4 stadiums maybe more accessible.  Of course, the Utah Niner Empire would love a chance to get inside Levi Stadium to see their beloved 49ers on their new turf. 

Utah has 3 other bordering neighbors that are non-league states. The people of Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming would be targeted to participate in this proposed exposition of the NFL Western teams in Salt Lake City.    
During this proposed exposition, the winner of the MOJAC's Compassionate Male Leadership in Sports award will be presented.  We are hopeful these series of events will bring John Harbaugh or Bruce Arians to Utah to accept their sportsmanship award.  

I will need some major Utah sponsors to pull this one off. If you are a Utah businessman or politician with financial influence,  please send me an email.  We can get this done with the proper cooperation and connections.  Also, if you are an investor and you like the idea of getting non-league residents of Salt Lake (all of Utah), Boise (all of Idaho), Cheyenne (all of Wyoming) and Las Vegas (all of Nevada) to NFL games, we also need to talk.  "We go outside the 32 to get you inside the 32."

The first order of business, and I now know what mistakes to avoid in planning an NFL excursion, PFWTT's first NFL tour will be the Kansas City Chiefs at Arizona Cardinals game. NFL schedules come out in April for times and dates. With some passionate Utah Utes fans switching over from the 49ers to the Chiefs (because of loyalty to Alex Smith), hopefully we should get a 2-plane (Delta Airlines) caravan going back to Glendale to see the Cardinals take on the Chiefs this upcoming NFL season. The bus ride to Phoenix from Salt Lake was too long and ardous to consider taking buses to cities more than 600 miles with PFWTT.
I'm hoping the Chiefs play the Cards in October so Utah Utes fans could hook up with their fellow alumni, Smith, the previous Saturday night for a Purple Perilous October Domestic Violence Awareness Gala. This will help raise funds for the Arizona Coalition against Domestic Violence and local Phoenix Domestic Violence shelters. 

Look for a 2015 MOJAC calendar in November to help us kick off Triple Jeopardy November. This calendar will help keep you abreast on social awareness months.  January (Stalking), April (Animal Cruelty, Child Abuse & Sexual Assault), September (Obesity#), October (Domestic Violence, Bullying*), November (Homelessness, Littering+) Drunk Driving (December). 
If you have not made your year-end donation to a nonprofit organization, you have two more days to consider MOJAC as the nonprofit you would like to donate to. Our slogan, "we denigrate those who perpetrate, and elevate those who accentuate", will be an inference trademark in billboard campaigns featuring pictures of fatal domestic violence perpetrators and school shooters (bullying).  The caption would read: "Would your child do something like this?" A thought all parents should ponder, don't you think?

#-MOJAC includes Obesity as part of its Triple Jeopardy November events.
*-MOJAC includes Bullying as part of its Double Intimidation January events.
+-MOJAC includes Littering as part of its Triple Jeopardy November events although there are no official Littering Awareness month.


Lee Johnson
Men of Justice and Compassion Association


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