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Date: Sun Dec 22 06:47:16 MST 2013
Vote for Your Compassionate NFL Head Coach 
Dear Social Advocate/NFL Fan,

Cast your vote for your most compassionate NFL Head Coach at until 12/31/2013
 MOJAC Compassionate Male Leadership in Sports Award
Your Opinion Really Does Count

MOJAC would like your opinion on who you think is the most Compassionate Male Leadership in Sports.  We narrowed the field by doing content analysis on 10 NFL head coaches by entering variables about those coaches into a Dedoose program.  

The ten coaches that were unobtrusively observed were Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals, Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks, John Fox of the Denver Broncos, Leslie Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings, Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys, John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens, Mike McCoy of the San Diego Chargers, Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints, Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jim Schwartz of the Detroit Lions.  After entering data composed of the four below variables or components, the computer system showed that two coaches, Arians and Harbaugh, led the pack.  

Just a few variables we observed are listed below:

(1) Relationships and camaraderie with other coaches and players.  In other
words, we peered at NFL teams' websites, ESPN, Fox Sports, and other media outlets
looking for specific thought-provoking things that were implied or mentioned about each head coach.

(2) MOJAC examined all 10 coaches and the roles they continue to play in their communities such as 
charitable foundations and the types of social causes that their foundations address.

(3) Television sideline demeanor a
nd how the coaches interacted with their players, not only on the sidelines,  but also in the locker rooms after a game.

(4) Fan relations  was the last and most important variable we observed.  We peered deeply at fan forums of teams' websites and paid strict attention to what fans were saying about their coaches.  

Fan relations is the most pivotal variable.  Which is why we are asking your opinion to help us in our selection process!  Popular vote will not determine the winner, but it will play an important factor in the decision-making process.  Harbaugh is the reigning Super Bowl-winning coach while Arians is the reigning NFL Coach of the Year.  Cast your vote today at  May the best Birdman wins!  Besides Arians, Carroll, and Harbaugh,  the other two NFL Birdmen include Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles and Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons.  


The men pictured above are very humble, kind, and modest.  They are examples, not only in the field of sports, but to all men.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics show that men with criminal baggage and issues are the major sources of crime.  Just and compassionate men, like Arians, Harbaugh and you and I, can be a solution to deviant male behavior. In personal dealings with one of MOJAC's directors, Arians made the time to meet face to face.  He discussed how his foundation is in tune with the sufferings of others.  His wife was once a CASA representative. Though not able to meet personally, Harbaugh's compassionate disposition surfaced to the brim by his email reply.

He commented: "Thank you for including me as a final candidate for the Men of Justice and Compassion Association's Compassionate Male Leadership in Sports Award; your consideration is very much appreciated.  As coaches, we are often noted for our pivotal role as leaders within our organizations; with on-field performance typically gaining the most attention.  It is our responsibility and contribution off the field however; to our families and our community, that truly determines our depth, and impact as a whole.  Thank you again to MOJAC for the nomination, and for all that the organization stands for, and has done to promote kindness, direction, and positive behavior in our communities."

John Harbaugh

Why the obsession with birds? {Cardinals, Ravens, Seahawks, Eagles, and Falcons} Signs and symbols and how people interact with those images are important to our organization. 
MOJAC's logo includes an eagle which signifies wisdom and insight. The bird in which MOJAC ostracize and denigrate is the ostrich. When stressed and unable to cope, this bird runs away and bury its head in the sand. Figuratively speaking, sticking our heads in the sand will not solve mankind's social woes. When it comes to pressing social conditions, may all of us soar like an eagle and be alert to the dangers of perpetrators and predators that threaten the welfare of America's precious children, regardless of their ages!


MOJAC is salivating and bubbling with excitement.  We are able to sponsor 10 homeless individuals for sure (5 from Ogden, 5 from Salt Lake and hopefully 5 from Phoenix) to see the Arizona Cardinals take on the San Francisco 49ers next week in sunny Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals and the 49ers played in the first regular season game in the International Series in Mexico City back in 2007.  Now both teams will be in a playoff-hunting frenzy on the last day of the regular season. 

Imagine how grateful those individuals, without residence, will feel to get out of the frigid and snowy weather of Utah to enjoy an NFL experience beyond their wildest imaginations and comprehensions.  Millions of well-established NFL fans have never seen a professional game in person. These individuals will be rewarded with an experience of a life-time. MOJAC is an IRS-approved 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.  Your year-end donations are always appreciated and could help us take more  homeless individuals from Phoenix to the game.

The Men of Justice and Compassion 


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Offer Expires: Concern for other humans should never expire!
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