From: Jelena Dzopalic
Date: Sun Dec 15 01:33:06 MST 2013

All Legislators,


I thank all Women in Federal and State Governments for their intellectual, academic and emotional contribution to this nation and to this world, and praise their emotional strength and power of conviction with which they have risen to positions of social leadership and prominence, despite all the misogyny which permeates this country and this planet, to become inspiration and beacon of hope to our entire Womankind.


Next, I ask of current president of United States of America to apologize to Women and Daughters of Serbia, Women and Daughters of Iraq, Women and Daughters of Afghanistan, Women and Daughters of Vietnam and any and all other Women and Daughters who have been damaged by acts of military terrorism lead by male evil forces still present within this beautiful country. 


Such apology must be followed, of course, by a monetary compensation to those Women and Daughters harmed by American military terrorism in the following manner:


- Every Female survivor of American military terrorism to be compensated by US Government 100 million USD for emotional damages.


- Each Female Parent/Family member of every person killed by American terrorist organization to be compensated by US government 1,000 million USD per parent/family member.


- Compensation for destruction of private and/or public property in the amount of 3 times the USD value determined using equivalent US market value of a property of equivalent size and type.


- Any additional compensation as Women in Federal and State Congress find suitable and reasonable.


Next, I ask that murderous criminals William J. Clinton, George Bush Jr, and any and all other American former presidents who have lead American terrorist activities, be tried for their evil acts by a Woman Judge and a Jury of Women.


Next, I ask that current US President immediately resign for he had revealed weakness of character typical of all pathetic members of evil male sort when he threatened to kill and terrorize Women and Daughters of Syria and when he lied to millions of American Women about the nature of Affordable Care Act.


Lastly and importantly, I ask for immediate resignation of all male members of Federal and State Congress, and institution of a constitutional law banning all members of male sort from holding positions within US Federal and State Governments, due to historically evident and currently present male abuse of such positions of power and given the evil nature of all men.


Daughter of Goddess Jelena Dzopalic