From: Megan
To: Howard Stephenson, Steve Eliason, Mike Kennedy, Stuart Adams, Lyle Hillyard, Jani Iwamoto, Wayne Niederhauser, Daniel Thatcher, Joel Briscoe, LaVar Christensen, Bruce Cutler, Becky Edwards, Justin Fawson, Francis Gibson, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Marie Poulson, Kraig Powell, Norm Thurston,
Subject: Save Electronic High School
Date: Sun Sep 18 22:25:04 MDT 2016

Please save Electronic High School

I have had the opportunity to be involved with five different online schooling programs.  I can say without any doubt that EHS is by far the most accessible and flexible of all the programs.  Students are able to be added to a course weekly and exit when they have completed the work.  The program set up by EHS is a skills based program, meaning students have to pass an assignment in order to complete the final and the course.  Brick and motor schools don't even do that.  Imagine a student having as many opportunities as they need to resubmit an assignment over and over until they understand the concept and each time, they're receiving feedback from caring, highly-qualified teachers.  I also know that EHS is the most accommodating for students with disabilities.  Individual assignments, quizzes, and the final are accommodated to meet the needs of students.  I know for a fact that several of the online schools available don't even accept students with IEP's and stress that students' own high schools should meet those needs.  I have seen students with disabilities thrive online versus their brick and mortar classrooms. 

I also know that EHS is one of the cheapest online schools that are currently up and operating as well as the most seasoned with a tried and true structure.  

Students either choose not to finish the course or they are mentored, tutored, and taught until they pass.  Completion dates can be moved, accommodations are met.  How wonderful is that?  Students aren't passed along or pushed away, they are helped, supported, and not allowed to be left behind. 

Let me give you several examples of how students from EHS needed without warning an online education quickly and didn't have to wait until the next quarter, semester, or year in order to get that needed education.  They were immediately added and could begin work for FREE to the students:  credit recovery, aiming to graduate from high school early, unplanned pregnancy, severe and frequent health problems including cancer, collapsed lung, car accident, and severe epilepsy, learning disabilities that make in classroom education difficult for the student including autism with communication disabilities, students that are deaf, severe social anxieties, students in rehab for drug addictions, and extreme bullying situations, as well as homeless.  Students that my heart has gone out to because I know that they would not be able to graduate from high school without EHS. 

Please keep this amazing school and resource for students going.

Thank you,

Megan Hennessy

Concerned mother