From: Curtis Oda
To: John Knotwell, David Lifferth, John G. Mathis, Michael Noel, Marc Roberts, Keven John Stratton, Larry Wiley, Rebecca Lockhart, Jerry Anderson, Johnny Anderson, Melvin Brown, Kay Christofferson, Richard Cunningham, Susan Duckworth, Gage Froerer, Steve Handy, Greg Hughes, Don Ipson,
Subject: Fwd: BCI white form and 4473
Date: Wed Jul 16 04:07:52 MDT 2014
Dear House gun buyers,

See below for Sen. Madsen's note on gun distribution....and two attached forms.

Second form attached is the federal form 4473 that you must complete.   Put your cell phone number at the top of this form.
Fi ll out page 1.
You are the " Transferee" or buyer. 
N o abbreviations except line 2 - 
Cities and middle names, etc need to be complete.
And sign and date the top of page 2.
Form #1 attached is BCI Transaction Form.  Just fill out gun buyer info.

**** Must have copy of your driver's license amd conceal permit with these two forms. 

If you want me to look them over, I will be in room H-25 in the morning. 

Sen. Madsen's daughter will collect during morning meetings.  Please read his message below thoroughly on how and where to get your guns after meetings tomorrow.

We are not able to hand out the guns tomorrow at the Capitol due to new ATF regs. 

FINALLY - ### If you have not paid, we must have your payment tomorrow. $335 payable to Mark Madsen Gun Account.


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 Esteemed Colleagues,

I forward to you information to facilitate your pickup  tomorrow of the legislative commemorative guns you ordered.  Immediately after this email I will also forward an additional email with two forms attached in PDF format.  Both forms will need to be completed and submitted  tomorrow prior to picking up your gun(s).

I am told all the guns from the initial order, but one, are finished and ready for pick up tomorrow (the one unfinished gun is serial #LEGIS60 which is one of Deidre's). 

Due to issues with the BATF -- which I will explain in more detail at caucus lunch tomorrow -- it is not possible to distribute the guns on the Capitol premises.  Since this word came down late, we have scrambled to come up with a "Plan B" to get guns to owners with minimal hassle and without additional cost.

Therefore, we will be trying to pick up completed forms (ATF 4473, BCI Request for Firearm Transaction Background Check) and photocopies of Carry Conceal Permits and Drivers Licenses, and deliver them for processing as early as possible  tomorrow.  My daughter will be running around to committees to collect completed forms and make copies for processing  tomorrow morning, and stragglers will be collected at lunch for afternoon processing.

Then, when afternoon committees are finished around  5:00 pm, you can go to approximately 30th South Main in Salt Lake (I'll have exact address for  you  tomorrow) walk in and pick up your gun(s).

I'm afraid that is the best arrangement we could come up with under the circumstances.

The price you paid for your guns included the design and manufacturing costs, sales tax, shipping, FFL processing fees, and background check fee (where applicable).  If you are unable to pick up your guns at the Salt Lake location tomorrow, or within a reasonable time, your guns can be reshipped to another FFL licensed dealer without additional cost, but the dealer may charge his own FFL processing fee (usually at least $25/gun in my experience).

I hope this will work for all of us.  Please look for the next email I forward to you, print and complete the forms so we can get them from you during morning committees, and don't forget to bring your Carry Concealed Permit with you  tomorrow along with your Drivers License or other ID with current address (address on Drivers License must match address you fill in on ATF form)

Hope this all makes sense.  Thanks to all for your ongoing patience.  Will try to take a few minutes in caucus  tomorrow to explain how everything has played out and answer questions. 


BATF Regulations say your address must be current on your government issued documents.  Therefore if your address is not current on your driver’s license or your concealed firearms permit, then you must bring a government issued document that shows your current address, (car registration, city tax statement, etc) in ADDITION to your Utah Concealed Firearms Permit and Drivers license.
You will be required to fill out a 4473 form in person.  You must bring your Drivers License and concealed firearms permit. Everyone has to fill out paperwork.  You must be a Utah Resident, otherwise the gun will need to be shipped to a different dealer in your home state.
If someone gave you money to “pick up” a gun for them, they must fill out the paperwork themselves.  The Supreme Court recently (Abramski V. The United States) upheld this act as a straw purchase and it is a felony for both parties.  We can make arrangements with other Federally licensed dealers in their area, shipping must be paid and there will be a dealer fee of some kind if it includes a dealer in another town or state.  That dealer would be responsible for setting their own fee.

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Subject: Fwd: BCI white form and 4473

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ATF 4473 Attached and BCI Form
They only need to fill out page 1; no abbreviations except line 2 - Cities and middle names, etc need to be complete.
And sign and date the top of page 2.
BCI Form just fill out gun buyer info.