From: Richard Dewey
To: Michael Mckell,
Subject: Please Vote No on HB 134
Date: Wed Mar 05 06:47:50 MST 2014
Honorable McKell,
It has come to my attention that the Legislature is considering 
raiding excess funds in the Concealed Firearm Permit account. I 
understand there is a surplus of $5 million. That money has been paid by
CFP applicants and apparently is in excess of the actual cost of 
issuing permits. This money should stay in the CFP account and be used 
only  to administer the CFP issuance program. If there is that much 
excess the fee for issuing permits should be reduced going forward. To 
raid the fund now to bolster the General Fund sounds a lot like a tax to
me. As CFP holders we have apparently overpaid. By raiding the CFP fund
HB134 would be akin to taking money from CFP holders, an unfair tax.
I strongly urge you to vote NO on HB134.
P.S.  I am not a CFP holder but I do think it would be an unfair tax on them if this bill were passed.  It may be appropriate to allow those that
overpaid to have input on how the funds could be used.
Richard W. Dewey, CPA
Phone:  801-362-6532
Fax:      801-841-4170

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