From: Office
To: Melvin Brown, David Hinkins, Jim Dabakis, Margaret Dayton, Ralph Okerlund, John Valentine, Kevin Van Tassell, John G. Mathis, Michael Mckell, Jerry Anderson, Roger Barrus, Jon Cox, Susan Duckworth, Brian Greene, Ken Ivory, Michael Noel, Lee Perry, Larry Wiley,
Subject: 84015-Please support the UDEQ request for a $50,000 ongoing appropriation for the Utah Indoor Radon Program to ensure a high priority for the request on your caucus appropriations list."
Date: Fri Feb 28 15:28:02 MST 2014

Dear Senate and House Caucus Leaders:

+  I urge you to please support a high priority on your caucus appropriations list for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s request of $50,000 ongoing funding for the Utah Indoor Radon Program.
+  the Utah Indoor Radon Program is the only state funded and administered program providing radon education and awareness to the citizens of Utah.  The program will likely be terminated if it doesn’t receive the requested $50,000 appropriation.
+  Radon is a Class-A Carcinogen proven to cause lung cancer in humans.
+  More than 22,000 Americans die every year from radon induced lung cancer.
+  Tests conducted during the last decade indicate that more than 1 in 3 homes in Utah have radon levels higher than the EPA remediation level.
+  Surveys indicate that over 80% of Utahns are unaware of the dangers of radon or that radon can be tested for and remediated.
+  Only 12% of Utahns have tested for radon in their homes.
+  The opportunity to better educate Utahns about radon will decrease significantly if, due to a lack of funding the Utah Indoor Radon Program is terminated.



Salli Palmer


Radon Be Gone

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