From: Jacob Anderegg
To: Jim Dunnigan, Dixon Pitcher, Marc Roberts, Mark A. Wheatley, Larry Wiley, Johnny Anderson, Jim Bird, Jon Cox, Susan Duckworth, Gage Froerer, Dana Layton, Michael Mckell, Jeremy Peterson, Jon Stanard, Brad Wilson,
Subject: Utah Access Medical Coverage Bill
Date: Mon Feb 24 22:15:56 MST 2014
Fellow House Business and Labor Committee Member,

Below is a link to our legislative website to the first substitution HB141 Health Reform Amendments. This substitute includes the House proposal for medical coverage for those in the donut whole created by the ACA and optional medicaid expansion.

Please take a minute and review this bill before our committee meeting this afternoon, where this bill will be addressed and voted on.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Representative Jake Anderegg
Utah State Legislature
House of Representatives
House District 6
P.O. Box 934
Lehi, Utah 84043-0934
(801) 901-3580 cell