From: Stan Rasmussen
To: Utah Senate, Utah House of Representatives,
Subject: Sutherland Institute Medicaid Expansion Position Statement
Date: Sat Feb 22 23:25:52 MST 2014

Dear Representatives and Senators,


We again acknowledge and appreciate the careful attention you are devoting to the decision about whether to embrace the vision of Obamacare by expanding Utah’s Medicaid program. Continuing our efforts to provide pertinent information and perspective on this critical issue, we invite you to read the Sutherland Institute Medicaid Expansion Position Statement which we will publish generally on Monday, Feb. 24.


We trust you will find this two-page Legislative Memo informative and helpful as you continue your deliberations. Please contact us with any questions you may have or considerations you wish to discuss. 


Thank you.


Stan Rasmussen

Director of Public Affairs

Cell: 801-718-1841


Derek Monson

Director of Policy

Cell: 512-698-1657


Sutherland Institute