From: Darla Seamons
To: Michael Mckell,
Subject: Support for HB0207
Date: Sun Feb 16 01:32:53 MST 2014

Committee Member McKell,

I am writing in support of HB0207 and encourage you to vote in favor of this legislation. Foot Zone Therapy has made an incredible difference in my life and is distinct in experience and outcome from Massage Therapy.

I actually seek help from both types of specialists because of the unique help each provides. Zoning is done fully clothed, working specifically on feet, hands, and/or ears, stimulates energy signals, and utilizes completely different techniques. As an experienced customer, it is obvious that there is NO soft tissue manipulation.

I am concerned that zone practitioners be required to obtain unnecessary and incredibly expensive training for a service that isn’t relevant and not part of what they provide. All the intermountain states have exempted reflexology and foot zone therapy from massage licensing requirements. The AMTA has recommended this exemption as well.

I urge you to exempt these skilled and life-changing practitioners from burdensome and unnecessary licensing. If you do not, many trained and wonderful practitioners will no longer perform foot zones and their client base will struggle significantly and healing opportunities will be seriously limited in Utah County and in other locations throughout the state.


Darla Seamons