From: Aaron Frazier
To: Ronda Menlove, David Lifferth, Jack Draxler, Edward Redd, Curt Webb, Jacob Anderegg, Ryan Wilcox, Gage Froerer, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher, Brad Dee, Richard Greenwood, Paul Ray, Curtis Oda, Brad Wilson, Steve Handy, Stewart Barlow, Roger Barrus, Jim Nielson, Becky Edwards, Doug Sagers, Susan Duckworth, Jennifer M. Seelig, Rebecca Houck, Joel Briscoe, Angela Romero, Mike Kennedy, Brian King, Lee Perry, Janice Fisher, Larry Wiley, LaVar Christensen, Craig Hall, Johnny Anderson, Mark A. Wheatley, Patrice Arent, Carol Moss, Eric Hutchings, Jim Dunnigan, Lynn Hemingway, Daniel McCay, Jim Bird, Earl Tanner, Tim Cosgrove, Steve Eliason, Marie Poulson, Ken Ivory, Keven John Stratton, Robert Spendlove, Richard Cunningham, Greg Hughes, John Knotwell, Melvin Brown, Kraig Powell, John G. Mathis, Kay Christofferson, Brian Greene, Jon Cox, Val Peterson, Dana Layton, Keith Grover, Jon Stanard, Dean Sanpei, Rebecca Lockhart, Francis Gibson, Michael Mckell, Marc Roberts, Merrill Nelson, Jerry Anderson, Kay Mciff, Brad Last, John Westwood, mnoel, Lowry Snow, Don Ipson,
Subject: HB112 - Achieving appropriate regulations for electronic cigarettes
Date: Sat Feb 15 18:29:40 MST 2014
Dear elected leaders of Utah,

I’m presenting you with a new PUBLISHED study on e-cigarettes which was published 3 February 2014.  As an abstract: "Depending on the form and intended scope, certain regulatory decisions may have diverse unintended consequences on public health and may face many different challenges. Ideally, before any regulations are enacted, the regulatory body will require sufficient scientific research to verify that a problem does exist, quantify the problem, explore all potential solutions including making no change at all, determine the possible consequences of each, and then select the solution that is best for public health."

All eyes around the world are on Utah and the decisions you make with this bill.  I ask you this, does the Utah Legislature wish to remain part of the perversely, monolithic refusal to even consider the potential benefits of this product?  Or do you wish to be leaders in part of the solution that promises to help save nearly half a million American lives every year?

Before passing ANY further regulation that could have serious health and population level impacts, I would ask you to set up an investigative committee to undertake a formal review of the body of research.  To date, all decisions and laws passed were done based on misinformation and rhetoric from the Tobacco Control organizations and media who are not presenting you all available data on electronic cigarettes.  We envision this committee would be charged with meeting with researchers, health professionals, public and the industry to study all aspects to truly understand the health and population impact of their decisions.

We should be seriously studying every single tool that can decrease the harms associated with smoking.   You as lawmakers and health professionals have an obligation to the Utah residents to review ALL available data and commission independent studies if you believe there is a risk.  Until you are willing to do so, the rules and legislation being made are strictly based on hyperbole and assumptions based on opinion and ideology.  

I will be at the capitol all day on Wednesday, but available all week at your schedule, and would appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this at more length.

Kind regards,

Aaron Frazier
Director, Utah Vapers
Consumer Advocate, AEMSA
Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 230-8159

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