From: J. Breinholt
To: David Hinkins, John G. Mathis, Michael Mckell, Jerry Anderson, Roger Barrus, Jim Dabakis, Margaret Dayton, Susan Duckworth, bgreen, Ken Ivory, Michael Noel, rockerlund, Lee Perry, Jon Cox, John Valentine, kvantassel, larrywiley,
Subject: Anti-Endangered Species Act Appropriations
Date: Thu Feb 13 01:46:41 MST 2014
Dear members of the Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee -

As a born-and-raised citizen of Utah and a taxpayer, I am writing to you tonight to tell you that I DO NOT support ANY use of taxpayer funds to fight the federal Endangered Species Act. I am tired of seeing my tax money doled out during every Utah legislative session to special interest groups who would fight to remove endangered species protections - particularly without sound science, transparency, or accountability. Please do not use the money I invest in this state every year to appease special interests and further decimate wildlife.

NO TAXPAYER FUNDS to fight ESA battles!


Jessica Breinholt
Coalville, UT