From: lynda
To: David Hinkins, Jim Dabakis, Margaret Dayton, Ralph Okerlund, John Valentine, Kevin Van Tassell, John G. Mathis, Michael Mckell, Jerry Anderson, Roger Barrus, Jon Cox, Susan Duckworth, Brian Greene, Ken Ivory, Michael Noel, Lee Perry, Larry Wiley,
Subject: 84047. Please vote in support to the UDEQ $50,000 request for ongoing funding for the Utah Indoor Radon Program‏
Date: Wed Feb 12 17:41:01 MST 2014
Dear Members of the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee:
I urge you to please support the Utah Department of Environmental Quality's request for $50,000 of new, ongoing funding for the Utah Indoor Radon program.
Radon is a proven carcinogen that causes lung cancer.  More than 1 in 3 homes in Utah have high levels of radon.  As a result, residents of those homes are susceptible to being inflicted with lung cancer.  The Utah Indoor Radon program educates Utahns about radon, how to test for it and how to remediate it if found in their home.
Federal funding for the Utah Indoor Radon program is likely to be eliminated in FY 2015.  The $50,000 asked for by the UDEQ will supplant this funding and allow this important program to continue.
Please, for the sake of your constituents, vote in support of this funding request.
Thank you.
Lynda Croft