From: Sally Bridge
To: Jim Dunnigan, Jacob Anderegg, Johnny Anderson, Jim Bird, Gage Froerer, Dana Layton, Jeremy Peterson, Marc Roberts, Jon Stanard, Brad Wilson, Francis Gibson, Lowry Snow, Richard Cunningham, Steve Eliason, Greg Hughes, Brad Last, David Lifferth, Daniel McCay, Jim Nielson, Val Peterson, Kraig Powell, Dean Sanpei, Keven John Stratton, Paul Ray, LaVar Christensen, Stewart Barlow, Brian Greene, mkennedy, Ronda Menlove, Edward Redd, Roger Barrus, Jerry Anderson, Kay Christofferson, Steve Handy, Michael Mckell, Curt Webb, John Westwood, Craig Hall, Eric Hutchings, Kay Mciff, Lee Perry, Curtis Oda, Richard Greenwood, Keith Grover, Don Ipson, John Knotwell, Earl Tanner, mnoel, Doug Sagers, Melvin Brown, Jack Draxler, Becky Edwards, Ken Ivory, John G. Mathis, Merrill Nelson, Ryan Wilcox, Brad Dee, Rebecca Lockhart, Dixon Pitcher, Jon Cox, Robert Spendlove,
Subject: This bill is very bad
Date: Sun Feb 09 00:12:47 MST 2014
Dear all Elected Officials:

I have been a pre school, Kindergarten, and first grade teacher from years 1970 to 1984 and subbed in all grades from K to 8th
I have Elem Ed. and Early Childhood Ed. Degrees and all that I have learned about this bill is NOT good. This decision should be left up to the parents 
and rights to over rule the parents is making a huge mistake and any time our rights to choose and decide are taken away this is Constitutionally wrong.
I feel that children learning at these young ages need to be done within the home or parent choosing setting. 
Parents have the greatest love for their children and have their children's best interests. This is being pushed by the federal government
and their attitude is that our children do not really belong to their parents. This is Socialism and Communism taking the children away from parents and teaching them
at a very early age the things that they want them to believe. This is a pattern that has repeated itself in many countries even in Germany with the Nazi's!
Please wake up all elected officials and do not vote for this BAD BILL or YOU will NOT be voted for in the next election. 

We also need to get rid of Common Core asap. Common Core is dumbing down our children and teaching them things that are NOT good for them. How to feel, how to act,
wanting them to get angry, tests given are unfair and made so that the children never get a score over 50%, telling very bright students that they are not doing well and 
children are having break downs.
If there was ever a time for you to educate yourselves about what is happening to our children NOW is the time. Gayle Ruzicka the PResident of the Eagle Fourm is highly
educated on this matter and she would be more that happy to hold a meeting so you all could know what is happening and what you must do to STOP the Rotten to the Core
Common Core.

This meeting should be a requirement for our Gov. Gary Herbert and the State School Board to attend as they are the ones protecting this horrible program. My question to all of them is WHY
are they doing this?

A very concerned Mother, Grandmother, and Early Childhood Educator,
Sally Bridge
801 373 1644
440 E. 2320 N.
Provo, Ut.
Gayle is the expert on this and questions or concerns should be emailed to her! You all know who she is and that she educates herself and knows what the problems with these two BAD issues have brought and would bring to Utah's children
Gayle Ruzicka
(801) 756-7828
(801) 368-2990

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From: "Utah Eagle Forum" <>
Subject:  Alert - CALL HOUSE REPS OVER THE WEEKEND -- Ask them to vote NO on HB-96 Early Childhood Learning
Date: February 7, 2014 6:05:12 PM MST

Please CALL TEXT  Republican Members of the House THIS WEEKEND!
It will come up for a vote Monday!
(See talking points below!)
Ask them to VOTE "NO" on
HB 96  Utah School Readiness Initiative  (Rep. G.Hughes)

06    R    Anderegg Jacob    801-901-3580 cell
34    R    Anderson Johnny    801-898-1168 hm
69    R    Anderson Jerry    435-650-8804 cell
36    D    Arent Patrice    801-930-0836 cell
17    R    Barlow Stewart    801-289-6699 cell
18    R    Barrus Roger    801-292-2266 hm
42    R    Bird Jim    801-280-9056 hm
25    D    Briscoe Joel    801-946-9791 cell
49    R    Brown Derek    801-703-1799 cell
53    R    Brown Mel    435-647-6512 cell
24    D    Chavez-Houck Rebecca    801-891-9292 cell
32    R    Christensen LaVar    801-808-5105 cell
56    R    Christofferson Kay    801-592-5709 cell
44    D    Cosgrove Tim    801-685-0673 hm
58    R    Cox Spencer    435-232-0707 cell
50    R    Cunningham Rich    801-722-4942 cell
11    R    Dee Brad    801-479-5495 hm
03    R    Draxler Jack    435-752-1488 hm
22    D    Duckworth Susan    801-250-0728 hm
39    R    Dunnigan Jim    801-968-8594 hm
20    R    Edwards Becky    801-554-1968 cell
45    R    Eliason Steve    801-673-4748 cell
30    D    Fisher Janice    801-250-2698 hm
08    R    Froerer Gage    801-391-4233 cell
65    R    Gibson Francis    801-491-3763 hm
57    R    Greene Brian    801-889-5693 cell
12    R    Greenwood Richard    801-452-3113 cell
61    R    Grover Keith    801-319-0170 cell
33    R    Hall Craig    801-573-1774 cell
16    R    Handy Stephen    801-979-8711 cell
40    D    Hemingway Lynn    801-231-2153 cell
51    R    Hughes Greg    801-572-5305 hm
38    R    Hutchings Eric    801-963-2639 hm
75    R    Ipson Don    435-673-8216 hm
47    R    Ivory Ken    801-694-8380 cell
27    R    Kennedy Michael    801-358-2362 cell
28    D    King Brian    801-560-0769 cell
52    R    Knotwell John    801-449-1834 cell
71    R    Last Brad    435-635-7334 hm
60    R    Layton Dana    801-717-6537 cell
02    R    Lifferth David    801-358-9124 cell
64    R    Lockhart Becky    801-369-6784 cell
55    R    Mathis John    435-789-7316 hm
41    R    McCay Daniel    801-810-6022 cell
70    R    McIff Kay    801-608-4331 cell
66    R    McKell Mike    801-210-1495 cell
01    R    Menlove Ronda    435-760-2618 cell
37    D    Moss Carol    801-647-8764 cell
68    R    Nelson Merrill    801-328-3600
19    R    Nielson Jim    801-425-1737 cell
73    R    Noel Mike    801-647-8853 cell
14    R    Oda Curt    801-725-0277 cell
29    R    Perry Lee    435-720-7838 cell
59    R    Peterson Val    801-224-4473 hm
09    R    Peterson Jeremy    801-317-5386 cell
10    R    Pitcher Dixon    801-710-9150 cell
46    D    Poulson Marie    801-942-5390 hm
54    R    Powell Kraig    435-657-0185 
13    R    Ray Paul    801-725-2719 cell
04    R    Redd Edward    435-760-3177 cell
67    R    Roberts Marc    801-210-0155 cell
26    D    Romero Angela    801-722-4972 cell
21    R    Sagers Douglas    435-830-3485 cell
63    R    Sanpei Dean    801-979-5711 cell
23    D    Seelig Jennifer    801-519-2544 hm
74    R    Snow Lowry    435-703-3688 cell
62    R    Stanard Jon    435-415-4631 cell
48    R    Stratton Keven    801-836-6010 cell
43    R    Tanner Earl    801-792-2156 cell
05    R    Webb Curt    435-753-0215 hm
72    R    Westwood John    435-586-6961 hm
35    D    Wheatley Mark    801-264-8844 hm
07    R    Wilcox Ryan    801-200-5595 cell
31    D    Wiley Larry    801-487-8095 hm
15    R    Wilson Brad    801-425-1028 cell

We have lots of questions about this bill:
  • Do we REALLY think institutionalizing 3-4 year old babies is a good idea?
  • When 3 and 4 year olds, who lack the maturity, mental capacity and attention spans to learn in institutional settings . . . when they learn best through the active involvement of play . . . how can we expect any real benefit?
  • Isn't this just government funded daycare?
  • Is this the best use of our education dollars?
  • Why would we want to institute any program that rewards failure?
  • Why are we trying yet another pre-school program when 'Head Start' has proved to be ineffective and a waste of money by every measure?
  • How is this pre-school program any different than 'Head Start', and how will the results be measured?
  • When countries such as Finland and Denmark lead the world in academic achievement without formally educating their children until age 8, why do we want to do the opposite with our tiny children?
  • With anti-social behavior on the rise, why would we want to put our child at risk for Attachment Disorder by separating them from their parents at such a young age for hours of preschool?
To see our point dramatized, please watch this short video that was produced to address SB-42 (similar preschool legislation) called "Play, not Pre-K" and imagine YOUR child, or grandchild, or neice and nephew in the place of the darling little 3 year old . . . 
REMEMBER, this bill would create government contracts with private entities to fund pre-school programs administered by The State Board of Education AND the Department of WORKFORCE SERVICES!

A special revenue fund is created with YOUR TAX DOLLARS ($5 MILLION on-going), FEDERAL GRANTS, and private donations.  Private investors contract with the state, but the bill is exceptionally vague about who they might be and what their role in the program is.

The private investors must be paid back WITH INTEREST for each individual child who succeeds, meaning that Big Brother must track every child!  So to determine results, they need yet another database for keeping your tiny child's information.

Starting on line 84 of the bill it states Local Education Agencies (LEAs or SCHOOLS) have "a data system capacity to collect longitudinal academic outcome data. . with a statewide unique student identifier."  Longitudinal data is the study of the same child who is researched and observed over a long period of time.   The data is classified as P20W which means, Preschool, thru 20 years of schooling, into Workforce.

Republican House Members:

 To find more information about volunteering or donating,
visit our website