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Subject: Will the Utah FBI Pay for its COINTELPRO Agents' Crimes
Date: Sun Feb 02 21:08:09 MST 2014

Will the Utah FBI Pay for its COINTELPRO Agents' Crimes?

Will the FBI assist in shareholders recovering many gold mines certainly to have been located anddeveloped on our stolen data?               

Or will they pay judgements (based just on the facts) that could indeed bankrupt the FBI?

The Requa/Hoover Fileswere stolen. Criminalized COINTELPRO FBI Agentsdid organize it;

Thousands of fileswere stolen with individual ones producing or possible to produce into the billion dollar range each:

Gold mines they could produce (and certainly in part already have produced) might total up to

   $64 billion in lost gold mines production;

Will the FBI continue to be a criminal service organization for the H.L. Hunts and John Paul Gettys?

  And pay $64 billion for that distinction?

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