From: Trent Bristol
To: Ken Ivory, Michael Mckell, Steve Handy, Ted Wilson, Darren Turner, Dave Ure, Dave Vickers, Doug Witney, Gunnell, Daniel - NRCS-CD, Provo, UT, Jeff E -FS Schramm, John Petroff, Kerry Gibson, laura.briefer, Logan Wilde, Loralie Cox, Michael Kohler, Quintin Lewis, Riley Pilgrim, Robert Allen, Scott Chamberlain, Sean Edwards, Sherrie Mobley, Teresa Rigby, Trent Bristol,
Subject: Next steps
Date: Fri Jan 31 20:57:09 MST 2014
Hello all,

The Catastrophic Wildfire Steering Committee, due to the legislative schedule and good potential for "CatFire" funding, has given us a slight reprieve on when project proposal are due. I sent out an email a while back to share the projects we have looked at moving forward for final review and funding consideration. I heard back from a few of you with some comments and I have incorporated that feedback into the proposals. We have been given one final deadline of  February 14 to get project proposals submitted to the Steering Committee for review.  We should know better by that time if funding is going to be appropriated by the legislature, and this new due date will allow the State Forester to communicate to the Legislature what projects have been submitted.

I have maps of our Wasatch region projects ready to share but we need to also get the "matrix" filled out for them.  Thanks to the fire staff here at FFSL, there have been some updates made to the matrix form to make it easier to use. If we could get together next week we could fill them out as a group; or, if you would prefer, I can get together with the appropriate partners for each project and we can accomplish this in smaller groups

However you'd like to proceed, me and my Wasatch Front Area staff are prepared to assist to ensure we'll have proposals to submit for the Wasatch planning region.  We remain hopeful funding will come from the Legislature, so we want to get these proposals finished and make sure we can receive some of this new CatFire funding!

Thanks for all your help and input to this point.   I am available Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of the next 2 weeks to get this done. Please let me know how you would like to proceed. 

Trent Bristol
1594 W. North Temple, Ste. 3520
PO Box 145703
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5703