From: B Pulsi
To: Michael Mckell,
Subject: Please help the people to understand
Date: Tue Jan 14 20:21:46 MST 2014
Dear Representative McKell,

It seems to me that most of us go about our daily life expecting that people know basic right and wrong and that the leaders of our government would not make and laws that are to the harm of our good but would make laws to protect our good.

That's what I get for not getting involved sooner.  

As for Senate Bill 262.  This bill is for our harm.

This is why I am writing to you:  
I would like to know how representatives are picked to be on the committee in order to see if a bill should even come to the floor to be discussed. 
How do you feel about the reintroduction of SB 262 and why?
What are you doing to act upon your feelings on SB 262?

Regardless of your answer you should be able to tell me how you feel because you have chosen to represent not only your district but yourself in a true and honest manner as you vote for bills in the Utah Legislature.  As you vote, do you vote based on your knowledge of right and wrong and/or is it based on the laws of the land?  What if the laws of the land contradict THE Law of the Land, the Constitution?  Which one trumps in your votes?  Do you have a knowledge that there is still a right and a wrong or does it depend for you?

This is how I feel.   It seems absolutely against all common sense that people knowing a difference between right and wrong would pass a bill that would state that based solely on someone's belief's about whether they were a girl or a boy they could act accordingly.  If we as a society cannot tell whether we are a boy or a girl how are we ever going to enact any of our laws.  If we cannot tell beyond a shadow of truth that we are a boy or a girl then we as a people in society will never be able to make sound and good judgements because we will always think "we never know" , "it depends upon someone else's situation."  All good laws are founded on the principle of right and wrong.  If we as a society have no right and wrong then we need no laws.  In essence, SB 262 is a law to end all laws.

I welcome an open dialogue so I can help where I can in my community in an effective and efficient way.  I also want to know who it is that is in the legislature and where they believe our state is and should be headed.  Truths are what are missing.

Thank you for your service,

Celynn Pulsipher