From: Brian Boden
To: Michael Mckell,
Subject: Gay Marriage In Utah
Date: Tue Jan 07 02:24:41 MST 2014

Dear Mr. McKell,

As a family we want to express our deep desire to see the State of Utah continue to uphold traditional marriage between a man and a women.  We do not discriminate against those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.  We agree with efforts to provide necessary rights for these individuals.   However, we do not believe that these rights should come at the cost of redefining traditional marriage or deny those opposed to homosexual behavior the right to express and live their beliefs.  We support the state of Utah in its appeal of Judge Robert Shelby’s decision and we want our voice to be heard during this critical time in our state’s history.  Thank you for your service to us as a family, the great state of Utah, and the United State of America. 


The Boden Family