From: Dana Layton
To: Ken Ivory, Johnny Anderson,
Subject: Re: Expanded Medicaid
Date: Sat Jan 04 03:49:43 MST 2014
I saw this as well, but always appreciate people forwarding good information on. It's hard to stay on top of everything. This is a troubling reality, that costs would increase significantly, with no coinciding increase in health. The one aspect of health that did improve in this study is depression. The researchers who conducted the study want to delve deeper into that data and see if they can determine what the operative factors were in that significant finding. My guess is that the ability to access care without fear of financial consequences removes a sense of helplessness-a major symptom of depression. Dana On 1/3/14 6:45 PM, "Ken Ivory" wrote:>Thanks, Johnny.>>Read this today as well. There are a variety of other "promises" upon>which ObamaCare was "sold" that are not panning out as well.>>Thanks for sharing.>>"This is a wonderful time to be alive. We're lucky not to live in pale>and timid times. We've been blessed with the opportunity to stand for>something." (R. Reagan)>>Best Regards,>>Ken>>Ken Ivory>Cell: (801)694-8380>>>>Sent from my iPad>>> On Jan 3, 2014, at 5:38 PM, "Johnny Anderson" >>wrote:>>>> Hey Folks,>>>>>>>> Sorry to blast out an email but I do think it is important that>>everybody see this attached WSJ article that a friend forwarded to me.>>I realize that me sharing this may seem a bit odd as I have been someone>>suggesting (from an employer's perspective) that we should think>>seriously about expanding Medicaid. However, I also think we should>>move forward with all of the available facts. This cited study>>certainly points out some of the benefits of expansion but the financial>>impact appears to be worse than expected.>>>>>> The article notes research by MIT and Harvard economics professors>>suggesting that it may not reduce visits to the ER, but could increase>>them by 40%. Also, key health indicators like blood pressure and>>cholesterol levels may not significantly improve.>>>> Both of these were prominent selling points for expanded Medicaid.>>>> Have a great weekend!>> Johnny>>>>