From: Utah Care
To: Angela Romero, Angela Romero, Ann Millner, Barry Evan Short, Becky Edwards, Becky Edwards, Ben Summerhalder, Bill Labrum, Bill Peterson, Bob Fuehr, Brad Dee, Brad Last, Brad Last, Brad Wilson, Brad Wilson, Breck England, Bret Black, Brian Greene, Brian Greene, Brian King, Brian King, Bruce R. Cutler, Carbon Lundgren, Carol Moss, Carol Spackman Moss, Charles A. Stormont, Chelsea Travis, Cheryl Lynn Phipps, Chet Loftis, Christine Passey, Christine Watkins, Chrystal Butterfield, Clare Collard, Colby Johnson, Craig Hall, Craig Hall, Craig L. Dearden, Curt Webb, Curtis Oda, Curtis Oda, Dana Layton, Dana Layton, Daniel Donohue, Daniel McCay, Daniel McCay, Daniel Thatcher, Daniel Thatcher, Darlene Burns, David Hinkins, David Lifferth, Dean Sanpei, Dean Sanpei, Dixon Pitcher, Dixon Pitcher, Don Ipson, Don Ipson, Donna Taylor, Doug Owens, Doug Sagers, Earl Tanner, Earl Tanner, Elizabeth Muniz, Emmanuel Manny Kepas, Eric Hutchings, Eric Hutchings, Eric Last, Evan Vickers, Francis Gibson, Frank Bedolla, Fred C. Cox, Fred C. Johnson, Gage Froerer, Gage Froerer, Gene Davis, Gene Davis, Glenn Wright, Greg Hughes, Greg Hughes, Heather Groom, Holly Richardson, Howard Stephenson, Howard Stephenson, Stuart Adams, J. Stuart Adams, Jack Draxler, Jack Draxler, Jacob Anderegg, Jake Anderegg, Jani Iwamoto, Jason Chaffetz, Jason Christensen, Jason Wessel, Jeremy Peterson, Jeremy Peterson, Jerry Anderson, Jerry Rechtenbach, Jerry Stevenson, Jim Bird, Jim Bird, Jim Dabakis, Jim Dabakis, Jim Dunnigan, Jim Dunnigan, Jim L. Vein, Jim Nielson, Jim Thorne, Joel Briscoe, Joel Briscoe, Joel Wright, John Knotwell, John Knotwell, Johnny Anderson, Johnny Anderson, Jon Cox, Jon Stanard, Jon Stanard, Justin J. Miller, Justin L. Fawson, Karen Ellingson, Karen Mayne, Karen Mayne, Kay Christofferson, Kay Christofferson, Kay Mciff, Kay Mciff, Keith Grover, Keith Grover, Ken Ivory, Ken Ivory, Keven John Stratton, Keven John Stratton, Kevin Van Tassell, Kevin van Tassell, Kraig Powell, Kraig Powell, Larry Wiley, Larry Wiley, Lars Birkeland, Laura Collier Belnap, LaVar Christensen, LaVar Christensen, Lee Perry, Lee Perry, Luz Robles, Luz Robles, Lydia Nuttall, Lyle Hillyard, Marc Roberts, Marc Roberts, Margaret Dayton, Margaret Dayton, Marie Poulson, Marie Poulson, Mark A. Wheatley, Mark A. Wheatley, Mark Quigley, Megan Clegg, Melvin Brown, Melvin Brown, Merrill Nelson, Merrill Nelson, Mia B. Love, Michael D. Lee, Michael Jensen, Michael Mckell, Michael Mckell, Michael Noel, Michael Plowman, Mike Kennedy, Mike Kennedy, mnoel, Norm Thurston, Oakley D. Nelson, Patrice Arent, Patrice Arent, Paul Ray, Paul Ray, Peter C. Clemens, Peter Knudson, Peter Knudson, Philip Carlson, R. Glenn Stoneman, Ralph Okerlund, Raymond Ward, Rebecca Houck, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Rebecca Lockhart, Reed Spencer, Rett Rowley, Ric Morley, Rich Miller, Rich Tower, Richard Bagley, Richard Cunningham, Richard Cunningham, Richard Greenwood, Rick A. Pollock, Rob Bishop, Robert C. Patterson, Robert G. Moultrie, Robert M. Book, Robert Spendlove, Ronda Menlove, Ross Romero, Ryan Wilcox, Sabrina R. Petersen, Sandra Hollins, Scott H. Chew, Scott Jenkins, Scott Sandall, Shaun McCausland, Sophia Hawes, Sophia M. DiCaro, Stephen P. Tryon, Steve Handy, Steve Handy, Steve Olsen, Stewart Barlow, Stewart Barlow, Susan Duckworth, Susan Duckworth, Terryl Warner, Tim Cosgrove, Timothy D. Hawkes, Tod Tesar, Todd Weiler, Lowry Snow, V. Lowry Snow, Val Peterson, Val Peterson, Vicki Griffith, Wayne Niederhauser, Wayne Niederhauser, Willard Maughan, William Bill Both, William Travis Snider, Zach Robinson,
Subject: Your Personal Opinion
Date: Wed Mar 19 01:03:34 MDT 2014

Hello and congratulations on your choice to run for an office in Utah -

This message is being sent to every candidate who has filed for a Utah office, from the Attorney General to each Senate and Representative hopeful.

We represent a large group of pro-cannabis advocates and supporters throughout the state of Utah and internationally have made one of our most important missions for 2014 to obtain the personal opinion about cannabis reform of every person running for any type of office in 2014 in Utah.

Please respond and provide your opinion regarding the legalization of the ENTIRE cannabis plant, from medicinal to recreational to industrial hemp.

We do plan on publishing every response and will fully support any candidate who can fully acknowledge and support the benefits of legalizing cannabis throughout Utah.

We look forward to your response regarding this important issue.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

UtahCARE - Cannabis Awareness, Respect and Education

Gradi Jordan, Director UtahCARE
Utah Cannabis Awareness, Respect and Education
Utah Director of the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis