From: Kerry
To: Michael Mckell,
Subject: Rule of law
Date: Thu Jun 05 18:13:49 MDT 2014
To whom it may concern: I would love for you to explain to me how Utah's law on child support and temporary support or alimony lay out any kind of "rule of law" or guideline to be followed. As I read it the first part states should be based on a normal work week. It then foes on to give "absolute" power to the commissioner or judge to base it on historical earnings or overtime if they decide it will continue. They can be presented with FMCSA regulations that show this cannot be achieved and still award a ridiculous amount and "stack the deck" in favor of the woman for the custody battle and even force people into bankruptcy. ORS is given the power and apparently the obligation to withhold income without "due process". I did manage to get a hearing to amend these "temporary orders" that have me on the edge of homelessness. This was a waste of time as commissioner Conklin was unwilling to admit her mistake and correct it. I am curious if you can give me any reason to even bother voting ever again? Or even pay future taxes to this corrupt system we have now. Regards, Kerry Roche Sent from my iPad