From: jh
To: Don Ipson, Lowry Snow, mnoel, John Westwood, Brad Last, Kay Mciff, Jerry Anderson, Merrill Nelson, Marc Roberts, Michael Mckell,
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Date: Sun Oct 05 19:11:04 MDT 2014
Please - NO More Tax Dollars for Cruel and Wasteful Animal Experiments !
I am shocked to learn that billions of tax dollars are funneled into cruel, deadly experiments on animals every year. With these public funds, countless animals are burned, shocked, starved, poisoned, mutilated, psychologically tormented, and killed in laboratories across the U.S. What happens to animals in laboratories would be considered criminal cruelty to animals if it occurred elsewhere.
 To waste public money on archaic and unethical animal experiments when superior methods are available is unjustifiable.
I urge you to earmark research funds for progressive and relevant clinical and non-animal studies instead of experiments that harm and kill animals.
Jana Harker
55 East  700 South  #31
Saint George, UT