From: Kay Christofferson
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Subject: Re: Gun Control Analogy
Date: Fri Oct 03 15:33:26 MDT 2014

The main difference in your analogy is that owning guns is a Constitutional right for the protection of our selves, our families and our property.

Also, owning and using guns don't contribute as a major cause of divorces, family break-ups and abuse.  They don't factor heavily in vehicle accidents that steal the lives of many on our highways.  They aren't the motivating and mind-numbing catalists that cause much of the crime in our neighborhoods.  The question that must be asked, is, if alcohol has any societal benefits that outweigh the damage done by it's use?  



From: Rob Ramage <>
Date: Monday, September 22, 2014 5:51 PM
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Subject: Gun Control Analogy

Imagine if the only party able to sell guns or ammo in the state, was the state. Sure pellet guns and paint ball guns could be sold at sporting goods stores, however actually firearms could only be purchased at state stores. The state stores would have a limited selection, they would be off the beaten path, their parking lots would be relatively small, their operating hours would be very short and their prices would be high. If you were to purchase both a firearm and ammo together, they would have to place them together in a bag in the back of the store and not assemble them in front of you. If you decided to go to a shooting range, you would first have to order food before you could shoot.

The board creating all the rules, regulations, restrictions and laws for guns would be controlled by individuals that have never owned a gun in their life nor had any intention of ever owning a gun. Yes all the authority for guns would be from anti-gun individuals. After all who knows better about gun safety than someone who has never handled a firearm?  Can you imagine how a large part of the gun sales and that revenue would be driven to neighboring states? The parking lots of the warehouse gun stores in these other states would be filled with cars with Utah license plates. Can you imagine how the free market capitalists would demand that the government get out of the way and let private enterprise sell firearms because the state government was doing so poorly and half wanting the business venture to fail? Imagine the citizens upset because the state was not treating gun owners like adults. Can you imagine how the governor and state legislature would hold special sessions to repeal these antagonistic gun laws? 

As crazy as this screwball scenario that I have just concocted seems, can someone now please explain how this is any different than the way the state of Utah handles its liquor laws?

Rob Ramage