From: John Fellows
Subject: Which Steven Allred?
Date: Thu Oct 09 20:17:48 MDT 2014

Hello everyone,


Yesterday, I received an email from a Steven Allred (, who indicates that he is an attorney. The email expressed the author’s opinion about a current controversial issue.  THIS PERSON IS NOT THE STEVEN ALLRED WHO WORKS IN THE FISCAL ANALYST OFFICE!


It would be very unfair to Steve Allred, legislative fiscal staffer, for any of us to presume that an email from a “Steven Allred” comes from him.  If you receive emails from a Steven Allred, please do not immediately assume that their source is the Steve Allred in the Fiscal Analyst’s office (  If you are in doubt about the source, please verify, either by looking at the email address or by contacting Steve Allred in the Fiscal Analyst’s office.


Best, JF