From: Charlie
To: Deidre Henderson,
Subject: Here we go again.
Date: Wed Jan 28 18:08:28 MST 2015
Sent from my iPad' insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result. The govt solution to any problem is to throw money at it. Gov. Herbert is proposing a massive tax increase to help fund education . That hasn't worked in the past why would we expect it to work this time. We are sending kids out of school that can't figure a 10percent discount without their iPhone. I went to mcDonalds. (First mistake). The total bill came to 2.05. I gave the cashier a 5 dollar bill and nickel and she couldn't Make change. I finally took my. Money back and gave her the 5and she gave me 2,95 in change. These are examples of our education system. In my work I was rewarded for doing a good job. I never whined to my boss that if he would give me a raise I would do better. Let's take a real close look at this before we vote for any funding education. P.S. How can I become a govt problem so you can throw money at me. Charlie Hall Salem, Utah.