From: Brian Kraemer
To: Michael McKell,
Subject: Please do not approve H.B. 74
Date: Thu Feb 05 20:00:11 MST 2015

Rep. Mike McKell,

For many men, few things would please them more than to be awakened by a wife giving them oral sex and the same can be said for some women. There are plenty of men and women, boyfriends and girlfriends, who would not mind at all being woken up to love making. If this new law being discussed is passed, either one or the other of a couple could decide they're angry at the other for something totally unrelated and decide to press rape charges and destroy the life of the other over an activity that they've been doing for years. 


Even boyfriends and girlfriends shouldn't be charged with rape over this issue unless one is unconscious because of a "date rape substance" or if one of the two is forcing himself or herself on the other after repeatedly being told "NO!"


The wisdom of law depends upon the wisdom of lawmakers to act with restraint. Knowing when not to create a new law is just as important as knowing when to create one.


Brian Anthony Kraemer