From: Evelyn Everton
Subject: *AFP-UT Key Vote Alert* Vote YES on HB 23S01 Income Tax Credit Modifications
Date: Fri Feb 10 19:34:15 MST 2017
Dear Representative,
I am writing today to urge you to vote YES on HB 23S01 Income Tax Credit Modifications.

Currently Utah subsidizes renewable energy equipment through generous tax credits. This subsidy amounts to the government picking winners and losers in energy production and creates pressure on other taxpayers for the cost of government. This bill creates fairness for all taxpayers by phasing out these special interest tax credits.

*This vote will be included on our 2017 Legislative Scorecard and disseminated to our 20,000 activists statewide.*

Best Regards,
Evelyn Everton|State Director|Americans for Prosperity-UT| m:801-641-0037| e:| @AFP_Utah