From: Don Guymon
To: Jim Dunnigan, Marc Roberts, Susan Duckworth, Gage Froerer, Timothy D. Hawkes, John Knotwell, Michael K. McKell, val.potter, Mike Schultz, Brad Wilson, Jeremy Peterson, Curt Webb,
Subject: Important Information to Consider Before Voting on HB 485
Date: Mon Mar 05 05:00:54 MST 2018

Thank you for your service as you wrap up the 2018 Legislative Session.

Before voting on HB 485, I hope you will review the bylaw passed by the Utah Republican Party State Central Committee which is attached to this email.  Please note the last paragraph of the attachment which includes the Proviso that for the 2018 election, this bylaw only applies to the Congressional First and Second District Races.  At the time of the passage of this bylaw, these two races had no candidate declare intent to gather signatures.  The bylaw would have no impact on any current candidates.

I would also invite you to read my column recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune.  Utah Republicans have first amendment rights of free speech and assembly.  We hope you will consider these rights and vote no on this legislation.

Thank you for your consideration and your service.

Don Guymon

Republican Party Bylaw.pdf