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From: Minister@LiberatedOfLucifer.org
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Open Letter To The 2015 Utah Legislature
Date: 2015-01-26T10:46:20Z

The opinions of the leaders of some other religions are consulted on various laws that are considered during the legislative session. As the High Priest and Magus of The Liberated Of Lucifer - our order would like to encourage the Utah Legislature to keep Freedom as the guide for their efforts this year.

We would ask our Legislators to consider these points when they contemplate new laws during this legislative session -

Would they feel 100 percent comfortable with an armed police officer confronting them, their husbands, their wives, or their children in order to enforce the proposed law? If they would have any misgivings about this, then that law should be dropped.

Bear in mind that not all law enforcement officers are worthy of the trust placed in them. Remember "trooper steed" and the others that are out there like her - and the ones that supported her. Would you feel 100 percent comfortable with an armed police officer confronting someone you care about, in order to enforce the law you are considering? If not, it should be dropped.

Is the proposed law written in such a way that it creates any burden for the law-abiding? If it has any potential to require the law-abiding to go through any burden of proof or else be harmed, then it should be dropped. The burden of proof is upon the government, not the governed.

What is the reason the proposed law is being considered? If it is a reaction to a one-time event - or even worse, to something that has not happened yet - then it should be dropped.

Does the proposed law stem from faith-based fear? Bear in mind that the predominant religion here believes that Lucifer desired to force them all to do the right thing, and that is why they claim to have followed christ - who they claim wanted them to have choice and freedom.

In the mormon temple ceremony (and in their churches), they are taught that god commended jehovah and michael to go down to the earth and "We will plant for them a garden, eastward in Eden, and place them in it to tend and cultivate it, that they may be happy, and have joy therein. We will command them to multiply and replenish the earth, that they may have joy in their prosperity. We will place before them the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."

When they planted the garden eastward in Eden, did they put a "zion curtain" around the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Or did they say "we will place before them" - meaning to leave it in plain sight?

If the proposed law is an effort to legislate faith-based restrictions, or to impose faith-based restrictions upon others that reasonably do not agree with them, then it should be dropped. Otherwise, it is a peril to freedom.

How does the proposed law square with the SPIRIT and WORD of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Overall, would the proposed law enable more Freedom for We The People, or would it put questionable and/or burdensome barriers against them? If it does not advance freedom, then it should be dropped.

We would also encourage you to take some time to review existing laws AND administrative rules - and remove those that do not meet the criteria above.

We wish you the best during this legislative session, and hope that you will keep these things in mind as you make laws that will affect others, their husbands, their wives, and their children.

Magus Luciferian

High Priest and Magus

The Liberated Of Lucifer


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