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From: Keep It In Draper
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Keep the Prison in Draper
Date: 2015-01-14T19:49:07Z

Dear Esteemed Representatives,

I would really appreciate your serious consideration of the possibility of keeping the prison in Draper. Please vote against funding the billion dollar move. Even if you believe that the future as in 20 years from now once all the land has been cleared and sold and rebuilt on can bring in money to pay for this prison relocation, it would still have to be bonded for and paid for now. This will affect our bonding position and ratings as a state, as I have been told that we are near our bonding capacity without losing our AAA rating. Also, there is not a site currently in contention that is appropriate for the move. Both Eagle Mountain and the site in Tooele near the Miller Motorsport park are ripe for economic growth. Out of all three sites, I believe that the site west of the airport is the best as it is not near any residential sites. Eagle Mountains site is too far away from the courts and the medical and would take nearly an hour to get to both without traffic. The roads into Eagle Mountain are not sufficient. It is not prudent to consider Drapers economic value without considering the future economic value of both of these other cities. It would be cheaper to rebuild on the current draper site land. This may come out of the tax payers pockets, but since you are looking at raising both income taxes and gas taxes this session there is no reason why you should not look at this option. We have been told that the reason that relocating is so attractive is that it would not raise taxes, yet the legislator is already looking at raising taxes this session. Clearly if the ability to bond the prison project in the short term is there, than it doesn't seem to have much bearing on the possibility that years down the road the state may or may not make enough money from the land sale and the tax revenue when the site is completely redeveloped. It will cost the state much more in the long run. There is much to worry about as a citizen when one cities senator won't even represent them or listen to them and they have a site on the short list (i.e., Eagle Mountain) Why is it that he won't respond or engage with his constituents. When the tax commission is not weighing in on this expenditure by the state though it will be the largest in the states history outside of road projects. (again run by a state senator) Everyone thinks this is a great idea even though from the onset it was voted on as a volunteer to the land rather than eminent domain and that we were told that it was only wanted if the community was accepting of it. Instead we have seen the opposite in what has been told to us at meeting with the PRC. They state that it has to go somewhere and that despite our concerns it may end up in our community. The law was written in a way that did not exclude the draper site itself as a place of consideration. In fact the law included what could not be done and that was consider the future use of the land the prison sits on for other uses. Every reason that I have heard for moving includes the future revenue coming from the site, yet the PRC was specifically told not to consider the future of the draper site. Please reconsider this whole move. If a site can not be found that is not opposed by the surrounding community then please consider keeping it where it is as that community has built around it knowing it was there. Pushing it on a community that is already growing and has predicted growth of almost 500% is also not the answer, nor is placing it next to a major tourist attraction that would be better served by surrounding businesses next to it like restaurants and hotels. Be fiscally responsible and consider the vast difference in cost of rebuilding in a new location versus rebuilding as needed over the next twenty years at the current site. Only one building is in need of complete rebuilding currently. The life span of the other buildings are not that old, and can be brought up to date. Volunteer forces are in place that would not be reached at other locations. Thank you for your consideration. Janae Gonzalez Eagle Mountain


Janae Gonzalez

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