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From: William Love
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Fwd: SCIC Research
Date: 2014-10-15T15:13:41Z
Attachments: SCIC_Research.pdf , Body:

Attached is a document that I have written that brings together research I have done on the Six County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) and the Permanent Community Impact Board (CIB).  Sources are provided for all information in the attached document as links or URL addresses for relevant websites, documents and CIB meeting audios with time markers.

I first became aware of the SCIC in August when Grand County was considering joining.  Since then I have learned about the CIB's funding of $55,000,000 to the SCIC ($5,000,000 for an infrastructure study and $50,000,000 for a Railroad Loan Reserve Trust Fund for the Unita Basin Railroad).  The CIB suspended their rules and funded these two projects outside of funding meeting and prior to the SCIC holding a public hearing on these funding requests.

The $50,000,000 allocated as a grant to the SCIC was the highest amount given as a grant-only since fiscal year 2007 - over seven times higher than the next highest grant-only CIB allocation, which was to Helper City in the amount of $7 million for a storm drain construction project in fiscal year 2012.

The CIB has discussed allocating more funds to the Railroad Loan Reserve Trust Fund at future meetings in order to have up to $210 million as a down payment for a Federal loan.

The CIB will review funding policies and consider significant changes and at their November 6 meeting, at Red Cliff?s Lodge near Moab, Utah.  They have indicated that these changes will entail how projects are prioritized and scrutinized. 


Mary Beth Fitzburgh
Grand County Resident