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From: Lisa Bell
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: OPPOSE HB 112
Date: 2014-02-25T17:23:35Z
To All The Distinguished Members of the House in the Great State of Utah:

As a user of e-cigarettes since May 2010, who is happy to never smoke again, unless it becomes less expensive to smoke than vape!  HB112 This bill will undo the benefits of not smoking, that 3 million American’s and countless others world-wide have had the miraculous pleasure to have been able to afford, and use!  We are growing in numbers exponentially and what are you doing, making cigarettes that have cancer causing chemicals and scientifically proven to cause diseases and death, statistics don’t lie and real science doesn’t either!  I am opposed to your non-sensible Bill # HB112 on many grounds.  

I smoked for over 40 years.  I could not go to bed without an orchestra of wheezing in harmony,  it was not very entertaining or did it signify that I was in good lung health.  After using an e-cigarette which alleviates cravings for SMOKING, within 1.5 yrs. of usage, I could again at age 58, ride a bicycle for a 30 mi. round trip.........go figure, before, and while still smoking I just gasped for breath while climbing stairs.  

Then there is the stigma and shame.  My entire smoking life, was judged in pointed negativity by the many groups including (big Government, FDA), that would now rather that aging and ailing smoker’s continue to smoke (?) which increases US tax dollars across the board,  to cover the medical expenses related to smoking diseases, {though, most of these groups, have revenues that increase with the dollars;  the profits gained by having an entire generation of aging smokers succumbing to smoking related diseases.  Big Pharmaceutical corporations with their shareholders world-wide, will not be able to buy that next BMW ha ha!} just look at the facts and figures, be courageous enough to trust the new and proven tobacco harm reduction product(s), non combustible, non-smoking usage of nicotine.  It is proven scientifically that e-cigarettes are 99% less harmful than smoking is!!! (and that is a low estimate)

Don’t the politicians, of the Great State of Utah, campaign that they are in support of small businesses?  Campaigning time on TV, spending lot’s of money on campaign promises for the 15 minute prime-time slot of telling the people that small business, will be supported.  If this BILL #   HB112, is passed Utah will lose a growing segment of small businesses, start ups and shops that will move out of state.  The e-cigarette industry in the USA, is an all grass roots, all American effort to improve the economy and create JOBS, billion of dollars in sales that is growing by leaps and bounds.   It is a self-regulating health conscious effort that smoker’s leave cigarettes for and like, these small businesses get reviewed regularly on public forums, which educate, new e-cigarette users, that become x- smokers.   They do it without the primetime slot you politicians have at your fingertips, then they clearly communicate that there are safer and affordable alternatives to SMOKING!  What Utah’s bill # HB112 will do, is set a precedent to other money conscious leaders and their lobbyists, while claiming to be anti- tax raisers, the same
politicians that let lobbyists write our legislation instead of their real constituents.  So ridiculously foreign to our Constitution or Bill of Rights “...of the people and/or by the people”.  What do you want another “Boston Tea Party”?  Or the money,  just the tax dollars that will help maintain the status quo, no matter how many millions of Americans will suffer and die from not having an affordable tobacco harm product(s) available?  Utah’s government can educate itself by visiting http://www.casaa.org, an organization that is not profitting from BIG TOBACCO or BIG PHARMA.  In fact, this organization will educate every or anyone interested in Tobacco Harm Reduction with links to: Studies (truthful; scientific not what’s on the FDA website), safe alternatives that consumers of tobacco, who have tried the costly prescribed methods that profits statistics and facts show who profits,  the MD’s, Health Insurance Corporations, Big Pharmaceutical Corps and last but least, waiving the low down bad finger towards Big Tobacco who actually does sell smokeless products, finally.  E- cigarettes and Snus should be available to all and most importantly be affordable!  If your state wants to be remembered for being courageous and patriotic,please remove The Great State of Utah’s  Bill # HB112 let people live and this bill die!  If smoker’s wanted to quit this (hand to mouth behavior) that would be different, most of us don’t!

Concerned Constituent United States of America
Lisa Bell


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