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From: Sutherland Institute
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Here's 1 way to take charge and protect families
Date: 2014-02-17T18:10:09Z

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Fight Porn:'Taking Charge of Change'
Conference on Protecting Children and Families from Pornography is March 22 - help change culture that has allowed porn to harm society!




Hi Mike,

The Utah Coalition Against Pornography invites you - individuals, parents, spouses, youth leaders, community leaders, students, mental health professionals, and church leaders throughout Utah - to come to this annual conference. Help protect children and families from pornography!

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60 seconds for freedom
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Insights from the Sutherland team

Why Medicaid expansion will hurt Utah’s most vulnerable
The Medicaid expansion does not cover the elderly, individuals with disabilities or poor children. Instead, Utah’s plan expands eligibility to a new class of able-bodied, working-age adults. Read more ...

Marriage laws and the delicate balance between order and liberty
A free society – people who are both free and who live together in society – requires recognition of both order and individual liberty. Just think about traffic laws. Read more ...

Amicus brief calls marriage, family ‘pre-political institutions’
Sutherland Institute filed an amicus brief with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the state’s appeal of Kitchen v. Herbert – the case in which the judge struck down Utah’s Amendment 3, briefly allowing same-sex marriages to be performed. Read more ...

‘A Defense of Utah’s “Zion Curtain”’
Paul Mero, in a new essay in support of Utah’s alcohol-control laws, draws a parallel between New York’s successful suppression of crime and Utah’s restrictions on alcohol. Read more ...

Quick to judge, quick to condemn, and short on humor
There seems to be a new standard of judging people: not by the cover of the book, but by a typo or misplaced comma or inarticulate phrase. Read more ...

‘I hate you Washington,’ Americans beg
We are giving our federal government record low approval ratings while simultaneously increasing our dependence it, and acting surprised at how it turns out. Huh? Read more ...

We were wrong
I raise this issue because I have been accused of lying about “gay rights,” same-sex relationships and nondiscrimination laws – and through me, Sutherland Institute. Read more ...

Graphic: A bill’s long and winding road
Here’s a fun, easy-to-understand graphic on how a bill becomes a law in Utah. Read more ...


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Sutherland Institute
15 W. South Temple
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