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From: Katherine Atkinson
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Have You Ever Experienced a Foot Zone?
Date: 2014-02-14T02:46:04Z

Dear Representative McKell;


I am writing in support of HB0324 and HB0207, which modify the existing Massage Therapy Practice Act by exempting foot zone therapy from licensing requirements, and asking you to vote in favor of these bills.


If you have ever experienced a foot zone, then you realize that Foot Zone Therapy is not massage therapy.  The technique of the foot zone is totally different and has nothing in common with massage therapy.   


While massage therapy involves muscle manipulation of the entire body, the foot zone technique focuses on the feet and ankles to stimulate energy signals which correspond to body systems, organs, and parts.  During a massage the client lies, unclothed, on a massage table.  During a foot zone session the client sits, fully clothed, except for shoes and socks, in a chair.


The origin of the foot zone technique is also quite different than the development of massage therapy. 


Requiring massage licensing to practice the Foot Zone Technique places an undo financial burden on Foot Zone Practitioners who spend $4,000 to receive training in the foot zone technique and are then required to spend another $10,000 -$15,000 to receive massage training in order to practice their modality.  Massage schools do not provide instruction on foot zoning and the training that is provided is not relevant to foot zoning.


As a Practitioner and an Instructor of the Foot Zone Technique, I would greatly appreciate your support of these two bills and your vote in favor of their passage.


If you have never experienced a foot zone before, I would be happy to arrange a session for you.  There will be several Foot Zone Practitioners at the State Capital on Wednesday when this Bill comes before the House Business and Labor Committee.  I would be happy to arrange a foot zone for you prior to the Committee Meeting so you can make an informed decision regarding HB0207 (it would take about 1 hour).  Or if you would prefer, I can make arrangements for you to experience a foot zone session before Wednesday.


You can learn more about the history of foot zoning by reading this article:  http://mindbodyandsoleonline.com/foot-zoning/the-history-of-foot-zoning-in-america/


This article will tell you more about the Foot Zone Technique:  http://mindbodyandsoleonline.com/foot-zoning/what-is-foot-zoning/


I look forward to seeing you at the Committee Meeting this coming Wednesday.


Thank you, J


Kathy Atkinson

1035 N. 500 E.

Centerville, UT  84014

(801) 292-7574 - home

(801) 661-7574 - cell



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