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From: fernwebb@iamthepublisher.com
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Same-Sex Equality
Date: 2014-01-15T01:19:33Z
To Whom It May Concern:
Why would you want to stop anyone from living in the same Peace as you?
Who stole the Will from the Will of God?  It is God’s Will!  The Will of God is a Will, in which God wrote and left behind His Forgiveness, to help encourage everyone to live out the rest of their lives in Peace on earth when mistakes are made.  The Truth about the Will of God:  He is the Judge and the only Judge of His Own Truth.  The Bible misled you to judge yourself, Homosexuals and people who are not the same as you, for being born into an image (DNA) which God created.  God created life, and He doesn’t want you to fear Him.  He wants you to remove fear from in front of His Name and put it behind you; because fear stops you from seeking God, and His Forgiveness and Peace.  Without Forgiveness, how do you expect to live in Peace?  The creator of the Bible illegally and deceitfully misappropriated the Will of God by creating a hateful Will for Bisexuals, Lesbians, Transgenders and Gays when Homosexuals were left out from God’s Will to Live in Peace as who they are; and with everything, and everyone who God created in the beginning of life, and throughout His Creating of Life. 
Nothing is wrong with Homosexuals, because God also created their ancestors during the process of creating life; and then all creations who were created blended in.  This is why you see throughout time, a Living Being who is in the middle of who you think are perfect, of who you want people to see as being good and only created by God.  Discrimination started a long time ago, when people saw the difference in who were born; and through their ignorance tried to genocide them.  But the creations who had sex with others gave birth, which allowed their genes to continue through the process of life, that people do not realize; and think those born differently is due to a birth defect.  God created children with several or missing limbs; one leg shorter than the other; webbed fingers or toes; claw-like hands and feet; fused mermaid-like legs; two heads on one body; cleft lips and palate; extra thumbs and fingers; both a penis and vagina, or none at all; creature, animal, aquatic or plant likeness; without hair, eyes, noses, hearing or speech; and with excessive hair growth.  Recorded in history were an ape-like woman, a lion-like man and a werewolf-like man who had excessive hair growth with animal-like features.  You don’t look the same as the images of who were first created, and regardless of who you are born into, be proud of the image; because God’s Heart Skipped a Beat, when His Living Love in you was created.
As long as ignorance from the Bible causes people to become hateful and violent, then same-sex equality should not be left up for the people to decide, because they allowed the words written in the Bible to scare the Peace out of their minds.  Without Peace, how do you expect to think clearly?  Religion stopped you from free thinking on logic that God loves Homosexuals, who He also created in His Image of Love.  Choose acceptance, so no persons in the USA are left behind thinking that the Love of God does not love them.  Please go to www.IAMThePublisher.com and read the DOA.  Book will publish in 2014.
Sincerely Appreciative,
Mrs. Fern O. Webb
One of many Owners of the Will of God:  To do and teach His Will on how to live in Peace.