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From: banner-international@hush.com
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Complaint Alleged Mafia Corruption of Utah FBI
Date: 2014-01-14T22:59:48Z
Attachments: Complainant_Jan. 14.pdf , Body:

ATTN: S.A.C Mary Francis Rook

FBI, Salt Lake City, Utah

Cc: U.S. Attorneys Utah: David Barlow, Paul Kohler

Dr. William F. Pepper; Banner-related shareholders

Without Prejudice

Excerpt from Attached Complaint:

Re: Damage Claim to be made against FBI: Re:

1) Fabrication of FBI Files from 1974 onward in murder-related COINTELPRO operation as reported by FBI agents in 1974 and 1993 as done by other criminalized FBI agents; and,

2) Evidenced 1993 COINTELPRO operation crimes of 1993 in instigation of Utah Court Frauds and asset thefts with evidenced re-use of fabrications of 1974 FBI files with evidenced additional fabrications of 1993 to mislead persons into being FBI accomplices with Utah Court Frauds and fraudulent receivership theft of assets. Utah Court Frauds and crimes are now evidenced and alleged to have been instigated and organized by corrupt/criminalized FBI agents complicit with elements of organized crime. Initial "good faith" payment by FBI to Banner-related persons will be requested in the amount of $10,000,000;

As there has been no reply to date to Dr. William F. Pepper’s latest letter of December 9, 2013 to you and Utah U.S. Attorneys, and as a number of factors have now become sufficiently clear to Banner shareholders, to this Complainant, and to counsel Pepper, and as now of this week relating to national media coverage of COINTELPRO history and its exposure in crimes, Complainant believes these essential past realities — going back to 1974— and to our present situation may be clarified to you as now inescapable facts mandating correction and compensation for damages incurred, with claims made to the FBI for offences by the now-alleged involvement of FBI agents in organized crimes as originating from now court-proved high-level Mafia elements within FBI;

(Ref: http://www.greatgoldgrab.com/PDFs_jan_2013/REQUA_ATTORNEY.pdf)

Therefore... See Attached Complaint in Full...........