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From: Beth Pearson
To: Rep. McKell, M.,
Subject: Amendment 3
Date: 2014-01-07T01:30:00Z
Hi Mike,
I know this morning the Supreme Court has issued a stay on giving marriage licenses for Gay Marriage in Utah, but I still want to write and voice my desire that you continue to seek to uphold the will of the people with Constitutional Amendment 3. I personally am against Gay marriage and will continue to support laws that support my views. However, regardless of my personal feelings, I feel the real travesty here is a federal judge making law. Judge Shelby had the right to say the Amendment is unconstitutional, but he did not have the power to then say Utah has to have gay marriage. That is making laws and that is not under a federal judge's authority. Once he ruled the issue unconstitutional, the issue should have come back to the Utah's State Congress or the voice of the people to examine and look at a "constitutional" version. We need to fight to make sure our state rights are not overtaken by federal judges. Please do what you can. Sincerely, Beth Pearson