From: Paul Ray
To: Jonathan Tea,
Subject: Re: HB112
Date: Sun Feb 23 00:54:57 MST 2014

Thank you for your email. I appreciate   you taking the time to get involved in the process. I just wanted to respond regarding your comment that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Did you know that nicotine is made from tobacco? I hope you aren't using these because you thought they were tobacco free.



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On Feb 22, 2014, at 2:49 AM, "Jonathan Tea" <> wrote:

To Whom I May Conconcern,

I read over the proposed bill, and in my opinion that it is too restrictive. I think that there does need to be some kind of regulation when it comes to electronic cigarette product, but  making it so restrictive that it becomes prohibitive to run a business, and for the public to use quality products that are already out there. 

I do think that these product should only be sold to of age adults that can consume tobacco products. I also think that it does NOT need to be taxed like tobacco products since e- cigs do not use any tobacco.

I implore you to vote against this bill or at least become more educated about e- cig products before you do. Look at the unbiased research that is out there that has been done by several institutions

Jonathan W Tea
Former Smoker of One Year