From: Margaret Townsend
To: Margaret Townsend,
Subject: HJR8
Date: Sat Feb 22 05:00:33 MST 2014
Please honor your oath to stand with the United States
Constitution! All it would take to solve so many problems in our American Government would be to go back to the God inspired Constitution. Instead we have people who should know better seeking its destruction! Please defeat this resolution, it must not be advanced to the floor of the house! Use your powers of office to preserve what those God inspired Founding Fathers gave their lives to bring forth! Some of you are Latter Day Saints, you have scriptures that tell us to stand with and do all we can to preserve the United States Constitution! What will you say to your posterity and to the Lord?

Margaret Townsend
32 W. SpringCreek Pkwy
Providence, Utah 84332